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Dear shareholders of Forty Cell Bioscience & Alblast USA

This homepage is a Japanese translation of the manual created for American shareholders.
​Shareholders and related parties of the following companies
​Evidence of Yoshiko Nakajima's involvement

​Evidence of JCR Farmer's involvement

​Kobe fabrication trial

​This homepage is open to the public based on the American Companies Act.

Information on this website is disclosed based on the following American corporate and securities laws. At the same time, our patent fraud cases are now a major issue in the United States. Therefore, please note that if you cause damage to shareholders by deleting this website, you may be liable under the laws of the United States.

Stem Cell Science

Alblast USA

Forty Cell Bioscience


1. Forged trial

2. Patents stolen by fraud

3. Structured bankruptcy filing


This homepage is a former representative of Alblast, which was created for a large number of shareholders, including Stemcell Science USA, Alblast USA, and Forty Cell Bioscience, a well-known American biolist. This is the Japanese version of the homepage for a series of information disclosure regarding forgery bankruptcy filing and patent fraud filed by Akira Kitagawa.


Is it permissible for a person who has filed for bankruptcy and has caused enormous damage to shareholders and related parties to wish to remain anonymous in public? If the person wishes to remain anonymous solely because he or she has a mental illness, the Kobe District Court, which has accepted the bankruptcy filing for the person with the mental illness, may be liable. Is it possible to say that the morals and the order of law are preserved?

​History so far

1. December 13, 2007 At the end of the general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors of Stem Cell Science, Mr. G, the director of the institute, announced that Stem Cell Science was a former representative director, Kenzo Nakajima, and an advisor to the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation (Stem Cell Science). Around 300 million yen (actually 7 Confessed the fact that he was committing a paper forgery fraud (about 100 million yen to 2 billion yen).


Evidence Recording Tape Conversation with Audit & Supervisory Board Member Nakahara

2. On December 24, 2007, an extraordinary board meeting was held at the ANA Continental Hotel, and Audit & Supervisory Board Member N confessed that he knew the fact that he had been fraudulent in forging papers. (Attendee, Mr. G, New President and CEO, Chimaki Furusawa (Turkish name: Ouz Memet), Audit & Supervisory Board Member Nakahara, Ryan Miki, Telephone attendee Kenzo Nakajima.)

3. December 26, 2007 Yoshiko Nakajima told Mr. G, "Don't snoop on treatise forgery fraud. Medical malpractice and treatise forgery fraud are similar. You will receive an e-mail with the content.


Email from Yoshiko Nakajima

4, December 26, 2007 "Even if you commit a treatise forgery fraud to the police, the police will not move because of the RIKEN. Your son is admitted to University B Hospital, isn't he? A blackmail call is made to me.

5. December 26, 2007 Called the late Yoshiki Sasai, Shin-ichi Nishikawa, and Hitoshi Niwa of RIKEN, who were founding members and advisors of Stem Cell Science, to confirm the facts about the thesis forgery fraud.

Evidence recording tape RIKEN Conversation with the late Sasai and Niwa

6. December 28, 2007 Is the eldest son of our CEO James Ryan a medical error? Attempted murder? In the hospital, a plastic bag is put on his head and he stops breathing and becomes a plant human.

7. January 2008 Slandering by the Douglas Sipp group at the National Defense Medical College Hospital and RIKEN begins. Call content with Douglas Ship. "The boss (Shin-ichi Nishikawa) told me to do it. I hear.

RIKEN Public Relations Douglas Sipp and National Defense Medical College Hospital Slandering

8. July 30, 2010 Zen Kitagawa retires as CEO of Alblast.

Article on the retirement of all Kitagawa Nikkei Bio (Nikkei Inc.)

9, October 20, 2010 "Yoshiko Nakajima, the wife of the former CEO of StemCell Science, and an employee of the Foundation for the Promotion of Advanced Medical Care, told the bad publicity of me and her husband to the executives and teachers of the foundation. Isn't this a complete defamation? ”I received an email from all of Kitagawa.

Isn't it defamation of the behavior that Yoshiko Nakajima is notorious for? The email I wrote.

10, October 22, 2010 In an email from Zen Kitagawa, "It makes me regret to see hyenas that have bankruptcy like JCR and the Foundation. From around this time, the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation and Shigeru Kinoshita are planning bankruptcy of Alblast Co., Ltd. many times in all conversations with Kitagawa. After bankruptcy, we are planning to establish a new company with other companies, Shigeru Kinoshita and the foundation to introduce patents. I asked a person from the Foundation. Will come up frequently in conversations.

Hyena where all Kitagawa is waiting for the bankruptcy of JCR and the Foundation (Alblast). The email I wrote.

11. October 28, 2010 In a conversation with Mr. Shigeru Kinoshita's agent, Shigeru Kinoshita and the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation have decided to bankrupt Alblast and establish a new company. , Alblast must go bankrupt. For the first time, I learned the meaning of all the words of Kitagawa.

Recording tape that Shigeru Kinoshita's agent, Mr. Shinozaki, says that Kinoshita and the foundation will bankrupt Alblast and establish a new company.

12. December 01, 2011 From all of Kitagawa, based on the memorandum of understanding between Shigeru Kinoshita and Alblast, Shigeru Kinoshita also has the right to prevent or suspend (interfere) the listing of Alblast's Reverse Ammerger. There is no such thing. Will be sent to you.

Email from Zen Kitagawa about patent rights

13. December 19, 2010 Shigeru Kinoshita told Shigeru Kinoshita, "Shigeru Kinoshita, who has received a large amount of investment, has no right to interfere with the rebirth of Alblast. 』Send a confirmation letter with the content.

Confirmation letter sent by all Kitagawa to Shigeru Kinoshita

14, February 2011 Concluded a third business transfer agreement.

Business transfer agreement

15, February 2011 The Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation (Yoshiko Nakajima) seized a Japanese patent knowing that it had already been transferred to Alblast USA. (Illegal foreclosure.) 

16, February 2011     Chimaki Furusawa (Turkish name: Ouz Memet), a former director of Stem Cell Science, will file a forgery trial against me and my husband.  Why are lawyers? Motohiro Kasahara, the same as all Kitagawa, who should have no contact with Furusawa?

Furusawa's fabrication trial involving patent hijacking lawyer Motohiro Kasahara

17, June 2011 Zen Kitagawa has already transferred all of Alblast's patents to the Kobe District Court to Alblast USA. The submitted statement that stated that.

Submitted to the district court in Kobe, "The patent has already been transferred to Alblast USA. The statement of all Kitagawa written

18, July 2011 Mr. Inoue is appointed as acting representative of Alblast at the general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors.

Minutes of board meeting

19, July 19, 2011 Motohiro Kasahara told Mr. Inoue, acting representative, "All Kitagawa is not in a healthy condition to be able to do any work, as shown in the attached medical certificate. Will be sent along with Kitagawa's medical certificate.

Kitagawa's medical certificate and mysterious email sent from Motohiro Kasahara to Mr. Inoue.

20, July 21, 2011 Certificate of transfer of patent list received from Mr. Inoue, acting manager after the general meeting of shareholders

Patent Catalog Assignment Certificate

21, August 2011 Motohiro Kasahara, Zen Kitagawa, and Shigeru Kinoshita misrepresented the patent of Alblast USA of Germany and executed the patent fraud. In this document, Motohiro Kasahara makes a false declaration with the following contents:

A, I am Alblast's agent (corporate lawyer). (I'm not an agent at all.)

B, Mr. Inoue does not know. (Of course, I know. In July 2011, I sent an email and a medical certificate to Mr. Inoue on behalf of Kitagawa.)


C, CEO is Zen Kitagawa. (Kasahara himself sent an e-mail to Inoue along with Kitagawa's medical certificate saying, "All Kitagawa are not in a healthy condition to do any work, as shown in the attached medical certificate." Nikkei Bio in July 2010. The article by (Nikkei Inc.) also mentions that Kitagawa has retired. That is, Kasahara is misrepresenting his identity and forging documents while knowing the fact that Kitagawa has retired.)


D. The directors of Alblast have not consented to the change of patent name to Alblast USA. (Of course, I agree with everything. Patent inventory confirmation certificate)

22, August 2011 Mr. Inoue, acting representative, submitted to the German Patent Office a description of the history of identity fraud and patent fraud crimes by Kasahara and Kitagawa.

A document that describes the facts of the identification of Zen Kitagawa and Motohiro Kasahara submitted by Mr. Inoue to the German Patent Office.

23, October 2011 Motohiro Kasahara, Zen Kitagawa, and Shigeru Kinoshita executed a patent under the name of Alblast USA in the United States for identity fraud and patent fraud.

Forged documents submitted by Motohiro Kasahara, Zen Kitagawa and others to the US Patent Office

24, October 2011  Advised Motohiro Kasahara and Zen Kitagawa to file criminal charges for patent fraud .  

25, October 2011 Immediately after hearing that he would file a criminal complaint, Motohiro Kasahara and Zen Kitagawa filed for bankruptcy of Alblast.

(The reason is that James Ryan scammed that he couldn't do a reverse merger, but he could.)


26, November 15, 2011 The Kobe District Court said, "Alblast USA cannot reverse merger. 』And make a wrong decision and make a decision to start bankruptcy.


27, November 2011 The New York Trade Commission approves the listing of Forty Cell Biosciences and Alblast USA on the Reverse Merger. Due to this fact, under the business transfer agreement, all patents, including Alblast's corneal regeneration sheet, will be forever patented by Alblast USA.

28, December 22, 2011 I sent a page on the New York Stock Exchange's homepage where the reverse merger was approved to the bankruptcy trustee with content certification, but "The New York Securities and Exchange Commission's homepage is not accepted. You will receive a reply with a proof of content that does not make sense. This fact is also posted on homepages in English, Latin, etc., but the content is too far from social common sense, "Can Japanese bankruptcy trustees have no social common sense? 』, Is being laughed at.

29, January 2012 For a report to shareholders that James Ryan lost the patent described in the reverse merger listing manual and explained the information background about Alblast's bankruptcy. Traveled to the United States to New York.

30, March 2012 Consult with the FBI in the United States and the FBI in Japan.

31. In 2014, Alblast USA's patent was changed to the name of Kobe's Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation for some reason.


32, 2014 The patent is transferred from the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation to the venture company R.


33, May 2016 Our CEO James Ryan submits a petition to Secretary of State John Kerry to start an FBI investigation.


34, June 2016 Venture company R returns the patent to the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation.

35, September 2016 When Congressman TREY GOWDY asked FBI Director JAMES COMEY about Hillary Clinton's email , the FBI Director said that an American living in Japan When he was involved in the incident, he said that there was a fact that the US Embassy in Japan and the FBI could not investigate due to budgetary concerns . This fact was not confidential at the time, but is now confidential. It has said. (It is said that it is kept secret because it is under investigation.)

36. Alblast USA will be joined by a super-famous lawyer who is the strongest in Asia in the United States.

Evidence document that Kitagawa committed identity fraud and document fraud

Evidence document that lawyer Motohiro Kasahara committed identity fraud and forged patent fraud

A document that describes the facts of identity fabrication of Zen Kitagawa and Motohiro Kasahara submitted to the Japan Patent Office

Forged documents submitted by Motohiro Kasahara, Zen Kitagawa and others to the US Patent Office

​Evidence of reverse merger

​Anomalous bankruptcy trustee who refused to believe the reverse merger

Securities Act of 1933


The Securities Act of 1933 has two basic purposes.

1. To enable investors to obtain important information about securities.

2. Prohibit fraud, misrepresentation and other fraudulent acts when selling securities to the public.

The basis of the securities law is that a company (issuer) seeking securities has sufficient information about the issuer and the securities to enable potential investors to make informed decisions. The idea is that information should be provided. Potential investors to let obtain information, in order to contribute to achieving the purpose of that encourage fair trading in the securities markets, the Securities Act, against the issuer, important for the issue conditions of the issuer itself and securities We are requesting public disclosure of information. Information disclosure has another effect of preventing bad behavior in advance.

Disclosure of important information is by the Securities and Exchange Commission  This is done through the registration of securities with (SEC). The SEC is the primary federal agency responsible for monitoring securities markets and enforcing federal securities legislation. The SEC was established under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Prior to the enactment of the Securities Exchange Act, securities were registered with the Federal Trade Commission.


The form requires the following:

  • Description of the securities to be offered

  • Information about the issuer's management

  • Information on securities types (other than common stock)

  • Financial statements certified by an independent auditor

​Civil liability and law

In the event of a breach of registration obligations, the issuer and securities underwriter may be liable for civil liability pursuant to Articles 11, 12 (a) (1) or 12 (a) (2) of the Securities Act. In addition, additional liability may be imposed based on the Stock Exchange Law (Rule 10b-5). (Excerpt from Wiki)




Denial of fraudulent property transfer

Even if it is a property transfer act that is not a fraudulent act, we will exchange it for an unreasonably low consideration under certain circumstances such as property transfer that was actually intended to harm the rights of creditors or insolvency. Property transfers are denied as fraudulent transfers (Article 548).

The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (Securities Exchange Act of 1934) is a federal enactment that regulates the secondary market for securities (stocks, public and corporate bonds, etc.) in the United States. Is. Enacted on June 6, 1934, it is a comprehensive law enacted under Title 15, Article 78, 15 USC § 78a of the United States Code. This law and related securities regulation laws form the basis of regulation for financial markets and their participants in the United States.

In the United States, companies raise billions of dollars in the securities issuance market (primary market). Unlike the Securities Act of 1933, which regulates these issuing markets, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 regulates the distribution of securities between persons who are not normally associated with the issuer. The annual profit or loss of transactions in the secondary market amounts to trillions of dollars.

It's a great place to get your visitors to know.

Although the Securities Act of 1933 recognizes that the timely provision of information on issuers is important for the effective formation of securities prices, the information disclosure required by the Act (registration notification form and prospectus) ) Is a one-time issue (issue disclosure). The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 extended this requirement for information disclosure to securities transactions in the secondary market (continuous disclosure). If the company has a certain number of shareholders or more and a certain amount of assets (according to Articles 12, 13 and 15 of this Act, the number of shareholders is 500 or more and the amount of assets exceeds 10 million dollars), the stock exchange The law requires issuers to regularly submit company information to the SEC in a fixed format (annual report 10-K, quarterly report 10-Q). The submitted report can be made publicly available through the website [1]. In addition, if something important happens to the company (CEO change, audit company change, significant reduction in company assets, etc.), the SEC will promptly apply Form 8-K to reflect these changes. I'm asking you to submit. The requirement for these ongoing disclosures allows securities buyers to better value the company and buy or sell shares based on such information.

why? Did the Kobe District Court accept the bankruptcy filing?

Alblast USA's patent, which was changed by Motohiro Kasahara at the same time as the fabrication trial organized by Motohiro Kasahara of the Tokyo District Court.


On November 15, 2011, the Kobe District Court responded to the bankruptcy filing filed by Zen Kitagawa, who was a former representative of Alblast Co., Ltd. The district court has decided to start bankruptcy proceedings.

This fact, no matter who thinks, is "an unusual trial in the world. Even if you have a common sense brain, it was a strange and mysterious decision that truly received the bankruptcy filing of the demented person and caused enormous damage to the shareholders. For example, the content is understandable by anyone.

However, the Kobe District Court decided to start bankruptcy proceedings.

An unprecedented trial in the world, in which a doctor submits a medical certificate that is diagnosed as impossible to do any work, accepts the bankruptcy of a person on leave, and makes a decision to start!

This happened just 30 days before Alblast USA, which held about 30% of the shares, was approved for listing by the New York Securities Commission in the United States.


News article about the retirement of Akira Kitagawa

Medical certificate of all Kitagawa's dementia submitted by Motohiro Kasahara

Therefore, all shareholders and related parties


"Where is this going bankrupt? Alblast holds a 30% stake in a company that will become a reverse marketer in the United States a month later. You can't go bankrupt! You own an asset, don't you? Where is the court? 』\

I was shocked.


This is because both the lawyer of the trial filed by the Turkish director of Stemcell Science, which should have nothing to do with it, and the lawyer of the bankruptcy filing filed by Zen Kitagawa of Alblast, both are Motohiro Kasahara of AK Law Offices. The fact that it is, even those who are not familiar with the law, are distrustful.


Many shareholders were similar.


In particular, the anger of the shareholders of the listed company Forty Cell Bioscience, which was a listed company and had invested about 18 billion yen, has not yet subsided.


Looking at the statute of limitations, there is no doubt that it is an unfinished story among stakeholders and shareholders.


The most mysterious thing was when I first talked to Motohiro Kasahara.

About a week before I received the call from Motohiro Kasahara, I was told the following story by Shigeru Kinoshita.


Shigeru Kinoshita "It seems that the Foundation is also in contact with the directors of Stem Cell Science, so Alblast will go bankrupt due to time constraints. Ryan, too, will be scooped up if you're not careful. 』\


About a week after a mysterious conversation about whether or not this blackmail could be called, I got a call from Motohiro Kasahara, who is a lawyer of Chimaki Furusawa (Turkish name Ouz Memet) who was a director of Stem Cell Science. It was.


It was just as Shigeru Kinoshita said, so he said, "Is the director of Stem Cell Science, which the Foundation was in contact with, Furusawa ?! I understood, but Shigeru Kinoshita said, [Alblast will go bankrupt. ] And [Can you scoop your feet? ] I still didn't understand the meaning at this time.


It was an unbelievable story that lies and forged content would pass through at the trial, and I was surprised that Furusawa so far misrepresented his identity and talked about the forged content.


Currently, I understand what type of lawyer Motohiro Kasahara is.


Since I have evidence of identity fraud and document fabrication, I was able to understand the personalities of Kasahara and Kinoshita.


Motohiro Kasahara, one of the people who stole the patent.

Chimaki Furusawa, who Kasahara defends as an agent.


Given this fact, anyone can understand that the purpose of both of them was patent.

Moreover, after the decision of the Tokyo District Court, which is the fabrication trial of Furusawa and Kasahara, Motohiro Kasahara and Zen Kitagawa filed for bankruptcy as if they were waiting for the decision.


Everyone, including shareholders, said, "Oh. Is that so? Was this forgery trial by Furusawa necessary for the bankruptcy of Alblast? When I noticed, it was after the bankruptcy filing was filed by the same lawyer, Motohiro Kasahara.


A lawyer involved in the trial by Chimaki Furusawa (Turkish name Ouz Memet), a former director of Stem Cell Science, the trial by Zen Kitagawa, a former director of Alblast, and the takeover of US patents by Alblast USA. why? The composition is that all of them are the same Motohiro Kasahara, and the tissue that pulls the thread on the back can be seen through.


The composition is that the same lawyer, who is also a lawyer specializing in patents, is involved.

Moreover, I'm not sure if it's a lie, but when I searched for the name of Motohiro Kasahara on the Internet, he said, "A lawyer specializing in patent law. ] Is a lot of content.

It is said that it is a manga patent, but for our company, which actually hijacked the patent, "I see. I understand I understand. It is a content that nods.


Furthermore, the new company planned by the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, where Yoshiko Nakajima, a remnant of Stemcell Science, and Shigeru Kinoshita, a professor at Kyoto Prefectural University, were affiliated with Kasahara. is.


Chimaki Furusawa (Turkish name Ouz Memet), who blocked the listing of Stem Cell Science, was involved in blocking the listing of Stem Cell Science (reverse merger), and caused a great deal of damage to shareholders, once again. Blocking the listing (reverse merger) of Alblast USA, which was involved, in the United States!

I think it was inspired by the Foundation's Yoshiko Nakajima, but every time I told American shareholders about this series of events, they said, "It's an incredible story. It's like a movie. "Is called.


Indeed, too many bizarre and bizarre things have happened.


Especially disastrous was the sons of Ryan and his wife, who fell into a plant-human state with a plastic bag on their heads two days after December 26, 2007, when they decided to accuse police of falsifying Stemcell Science's papers. After that, in the same month when Zen Kitagawa and Motohiro Kasahara filed for bankruptcy of Alblast, it was decided that the director of the hospital where his son was hospitalized would suddenly change to Mitsuko Yuzawa, a group of Shigeru Kinoshita. After that, Ryan and his son were abused as if they were being tested. (There is evidence of video recording tape.)


The other day, the doctor at this hospital finally said, "Everything was abused under the direction of Director Mitsuko Yuzawa of Nihon University Hospital. Isn't it understandable who was the mastermind behind the above content by confessing?


The incident broke out, and the film's script was "The method of continuing to abuse an 11-year-old child using the torture used by CIA terrorists is a professional and rewarding case. "It is said that.

Cases related to the decision of the Kobe District Court

Stem Cell Science

Medical case at National Defense Medical College Hospital

Nihon University Medical Case





このArblast USAは、Jimmyが、頭にビニール袋を被せられ目に長い針を刺されるという異常行為を防衛医科大学病院の医師らに実行されたために失明してしまった目を治したい一心で株式取得した会社でした。また、Forti Cellは、Jimmyの皮膚のためにM&Aをする予定でいました。そして、ニューヨークで上場後、アメリカと日本で病院を開設する計画でした。すべては、Jimmyの為でした。それらの計画を、神戸のFBRIとRIKENと日本政府関連組織らが黒幕になり、壊したのです。私たち夫婦が彼らの常習の捏造論文詐欺を繰り返していた事実を知ったからです。






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