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Bankruptcy filing of forged Alblast

Arblast USA Inc., which had already succeeded in reverse merger (listing).

This content has been published in English since 2012 on the website of Alblast USA.


Since Alblast USA and Forty Cell (listed company) in New York have many shareholders, it is necessary for the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States and shareholders to disclose the details on their website. I posted it because I was told.

On this website, the name of Akira Kitagawa, who filed for bankruptcy, is published.

The reason is that he filed for bankruptcy, and for him, the shareholders of Forty Cell Biosciences and Alblast USA in the United States have suffered great damage.

In particular, the amount of damage to shareholders of Forty Cell Bioscience, which was a listed company, is about 18 to 15 billion yen, and since I am not a child, I said, "I have filed for bankruptcy. But please do not publish your name. ] Is the same as a child's shit.

Already, this fact has been reported in newspapers and news along with the name of Akira Kitagawa, so he interprets it as a public figure.

At least for American shareholders who are still angry, "It's natural to name them because they filed for bankruptcy. Is a common sense, and it is considered insane to name it Alphabed when publicly publishing an explanation of the bankruptcy. If all of Kitagawa thinks that his behavior is okay, and if he can prove his innocence, he should be proud.

To all concerned


About the bankruptcy of Alblast in Japan


November 24, 2011 Alblast (Chuo-ku, Kobe)

We received a decision from the Kobe District Court to start bankruptcy proceedings.

At the stage when our company ArBlast USA is promoting reverse merger in the United States, Alblast's company in Japan

Our company officials are also very surprised at the insane development that the bankruptcy filing by Director Zen Kitagawa is filed without permission.


(Usually, the name of the person who holds the medical certificate such as loss of mind may be hidden, but in this case, Akira Kitagawa has filed for bankruptcy.

The fact that the bankruptcy filing was filed under the real name is also published in newspapers, etc. I received it. )


  I've heard that Alblast's acting new representative director and major shareholders are in a state of great shock, but at the same time, the shock of many stakeholders such as our shareholders and investors is also great. We have included it in response to a request to disclose the detailed situation on our website.


Regarding the bankruptcy filing, the bankruptcy proceedings were decided to start despite the submission of documents such as the application for dismissal of the bankruptcy filing to the court of the new CEO of Alblast.




Why the court decided to start bankruptcy proceedings




The reason why the court decided to start bankruptcy proceedings was that all Kitagawa claimed, "It is unlikely that a reverse merger will take place in the United States."


It was the result of fully trusting the application document in which all of Kitagawa's selfish delusional judgments were written.


Moreover, this whole Kitagawa is in a state of dementia (disease name) due to the disease name of manic depression and panic disorder], and from the doctor


"Even though I am undergoing outpatient treatment and home treatment, my condition does not improve, so it is necessary to suspend all operations in the future."


Along with the medical certificate, with an email from Kasahara, Kitagawa's individual lawyer,


"Kitakawa is not in good health to do any work."


From that time on, all of Kitagawa had been on leave and was receiving social insurance benefits during the leave.


I was surprised at the fact that all of Kitagawa, who was in such a mentally deprived state, filed for bankruptcy and was accepted by the court, and at the same time, it caused inconvenience to everyone. I feel resentment.


Is it common sense in Japan that the court accepts a bankruptcy filing filed by a person who holds a medical certificate of such a state of mental and physical loss?


The content is not possible in the United States or England, and the people concerned are shocked by the judgment that cannot be judged by common sense.


At least, in other developed countries such as the United States, bankruptcy filings filed by persons with dementia are never accepted.


If it is accepted, there is no reason to take leave, and if you do not need to take leave, you will not be able to receive social insurance benefits.


In the United States and other developed countries, if you receive a social insurance benefit in such a situation, you will be immediately arrested as a fraud.


However, the court in Kobe, Japan, accepted the bankruptcy filing.


It's a surprising trial.


ArBlast USA has been evading American securities lawyers and stock exchanges for nearly a year following the bankruptcy of Japan's Alblast of water in this ears.

All the interactions regarding the reverse merger have been wasted.


Although it was an unconventional trial and force majeure, we deeply apologize to all those who were looking forward to our reverse merger.


We are currently preparing a proceeding in the United States against Zen Kitagawa, Shigeru Kinoshita, and Attorney Kasahara. For more information on the complaint, please read About the proceedings.


To all concerned


About our reverse merger


ArBlast USA's application for a reverse merger in the form of an M & A with the American biomaterial company Fortesel has been discussed and written with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. As a result of procedures such as changes, the application was accepted in December 2011.


Then, on January 03, 2012, just one month after Alblast received a decision to start bankruptcy proceedings from the Kobe District Court, a reverse merger between Arblast USA and Fortesel was officially signed. It is.


With this acceptance, it would normally have become an Arblast USA listed company.


However, due to the bankruptcy filing filed by all Kitagawa, everything was abandoned.


Fortecell was renowned as the most state-of-the-art cell sheet patent holder.

Until then, the mainstream biosheets and cell sheets were the old-age biocell sheets that used mouse cells called the 3T3 line developed by Dr. Green of Harvard University.

However, fortecell's technology, which has bio-cell sheet technology using only human-derived cells in the world of bio-sheets and cell sheets using such analog mouse cells, is an investment company as a very epoch-making technology. It is a company listed with an investment of about 15 billion yen from, and owns two biosheets that have been approved for sale by the FDA, and in Phase 3 it owns biomaterials with high market value such as diabetic cataracts. It was famous as an excellent company.

Naturally, many shareholders confirmed the press release, and great expectations were placed on this M & A (reverse merger).


Arblast USA held a large number of shares in Fortesel, an excellent company like this, by reverse merger, so the fact remains that Alblast USA, which held a large amount of shares in Arblast USA. However, after a few months, it was possible to exchange it for a large amount of cash.


These facts were far from the word bankruptcy, and it was not the situation to file for bankruptcy at all.


But everything was thwarted and destroyed by Alblast's bankruptcy filing, which was decided to start just a month before the reverse merger.


Normally, the acceptance notice from the New York Stock Exchange would have been very pleasing.

However, nearly a year of effort wasted due to the bankruptcy filing of all Kitagawa.


The total amount of damage we suffered was high, but it was Fortesel that caused a huge amount of damage.


The fact that Alblast's decision to start bankruptcy proceedings has turned into a huge problem for Fortesel.


Damage suffered by the other listed company Fortecell

1. Stock market crash.

2. Apology to shareholders at the general meeting of shareholders.

3. Apology and submission of documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

4. Submission of a huge amount of new proposals to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

5. Loss of credit

6. Delisting


After all, this listed company is all about Kitagawa.

"No reverse merger is done. ArBlast USA is lying and fraudulent when reverse merger is not possible."

Due to the selfish belief that it could be defamation and obstruction of business, all plans after the M & A with our company were suspended, resulting in credit loss and delisting.


As a result, the M & A (reverse merger) accepted by the New York Stock Exchange was hindered by the selfish beliefs of Zen Kitagawa, the court, and Naomichi Fujimoto, a bankruptcy trustee, and the credit of the Company and listed companies in the United States. Was completely destroyed and delisted.

The amount of damage to the shareholders of this American listed company is about 15 billion yen.


Fortecell, which has spent about six years introducing high costs and conducting clinical trials for FDA approval, has accepted the bankruptcy filing filed by Japanese patients with dementia. The listed company was delisted by a trial that was unprecedented in the world, in which a decision was made to start bankruptcy.


As a public figure, it is not permissible to act on the belief of all Kitagawa.


This trial only helped Shigeru Kinoshita, who changed the patent of Alblast, which we held, to Shigeru Kinoshita without permission, and the company and foundation that finally held the patent.

After all, it can be said that these slanderous injuries were effective only for them at this time.


These contents are also described in detail in the accusations of the Henri Dunant Children Foundation and Stem Cell Science Co., Ltd.

why? Bankruptcy trustee concludes that we are a scam that does not reverse merger!


It is the opinion of an American securities lawyer that this may be defamation, obstruction of business, or special responsibility. ??


The Kobe District Court has issued a decision to start the bankruptcy filing filed by Zen Kitagawa on November 15, 2011, about a month before our reverse merger. It was a reverse merger that I had been preparing for months. Moreover, the listing will be decided because the application for approval by the US Securities and Exchange Commission will be completed by the end of December. Everyone was shocked because I told the board members and major shareholders of Alblast. The court seems to have been swayed by all the words of Kitagawa and thought that we couldn't be a reverse merger, but the ruling was so childish that thousands of people in the United States It caused a huge loss of 15 to 18 billion yen.

The decision was too embarrassing when considered on a global scale.

Shareholder signatures have begun in the United States to prepare for the State Redress Act trial with shareholders of Forty Cell Biosciences.



Our Reverse Merger is on the US Securities and Exchange Commission

Evidence document that was accepted

At the time of filing for bankruptcy, Zen Kitagawa said that we had a delusion of a state of delusion, with no roots or leaves saying, "I have no intention of doing a reverse merger in the United States." I filed for bankruptcy with only conceivable content, but after that, knowing the fact that we succeeded in reverse merger, all Kitagawa continued to say that we were fraudulent. We have been blinded by these contents for the past three years. But this time, we have decided to break the silence and make all the facts public. All concerned parties are requested to confirm the document of evidence.


To our company that arrived from the bankruptcy trustee

A document that concludes that reverse merger is not possible


Is it because you believe in all the bankruptcy filings of Kitagawa? The bankruptcy trustee made a contract with Alblast with the intention of fraudulently about our company. I received a sentence with stupid content that was arbitrarily determined. We have also submitted to the Bankruptcy Trustee a document of acceptance of the reverse merger application to the New York Securities and Exchange Commission. What is the reason? I do not accept such documents. It was pushed back with one point of. The bankruptcy trustee's attitude and attitude of not accepting the documents of the Securities and Exchange Commission, a public institution, hopes for a bankruptcy decision from the beginning. It was reflected as.



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