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Minutes of General Meeting of Shareholders

Who does the company belong to?

that's right. Of course, it belongs to the shareholders.

Shareholders are investing a lot of money because they belong to them.

We are not investing as volunteers, and of course the company is not R & D.

Most researchers and product developers have no product development costs.

Therefore, the company pays all product development costs and R & D costs.

What happens to a company if, within such a company, product or patent developers or researchers suddenly have the power to make decisions, abuse or illegally interfere with the company?

For example, suppose a large company decides to transfer its business at a general meeting of shareholders to revitalize the company and decides to list its reverse merger in New York.


However, the developer of the product who received the research and development cost of about 2 billion yen from the company

[Listing is not allowed. Business transfer contracts are not allowed. I will create a new company with another company, so give me a patent. Go bankrupt soon. If it doesn't go bankrupt, I'll change the name of the patent. It will not be listed on this. It's bankruptcy because it can't be listed. ]

What if you were happy to say that?

This is what Shigeru Kinoshita did.

1. There is a risk of bankruptcy of Alblast's management.

2. Yoshiko Nakajima of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation does not approve the transfer of the business of Alblast USA to Shigeru Kinoshita. Tell.

3. Shigeru Kinoshita and the Foundation for the Promotion of Advanced Medicine plan to create a new company after the bankruptcy of Alblast. (From Mr. Shinozaki, the agent of Shigeru Kinoshita)

4. The business transfer agreement with Alblast USA is approved at the general meeting of shareholders.

5. Zen Kitagawa and Shigeru Kinoshita / Motohiro Kasahara (lawyer) changed the name of the patent without the permission of shareholders and directors.

6. There is a possibility of fraud if the name is changed without permission by all Kitagawa and Shigeru Kinoshita. Notification.

7. All Kitagawa and Motohiro Kasahara filed for bankruptcy in a hurry.

8. After bankruptcy, a new company was established and Shigeru Kinoshita and the foundation introduced patents.

As mentioned above, Kinoshita et al. Changed the name of the patent without permission without any consultation with the shareholders who are the true right holders of the patent. Invite those who go to the hospital because of manic depression, conspire to file for bankruptcy, and after bankruptcy, establish a new company with another company as originally planned.

They did something insane, no matter who they thought.

Such a thing cannot be allowed, and if a developer of a major company executes such an action, it is natural that it will become a serious problem such as a criminal or civil case.

As you can see from the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders below, the transfer of business of Alblast to Alblast USA was approved at the general meeting of shareholders.

Of course, neither Shigeru Kinoshita nor Zen Kitagawa had any reason to counter the approval.


You can see that clearly from the following email from Kitagawa.

They changed the name of the patent without the permission of the shareholders, and the fact was pursued. As soon as I was told, I filed for bankruptcy to hide that fact.

The total amount invested by shareholders is about 4 billion yen.

About 2 billion yen of that was used for research and development by Shigeru Kinoshita, and the other 2 billion yen disappeared due to labor costs.

The victim in this case is, of course, the shareholder.

Please check the minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Also, please note that the names of directors and shareholders are hidden.

History of Shigeru Kinoshita's execution
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