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​Evidence of Shigeru Kinoshita's succession

​Evidence is listed below.

To tell the truth, regarding Professor Shigeru Kinoshita, I thought that I had changed the name of the patent at the instigation of Zen Kitagawa and Motohiro Kasahara. However, this time, for the first time, an American supporter who was in contact with the FBI said, "When I heard various recording tapes related to Alblast, apparently, it was completely by both Shigeru Kinoshita and the Foundation for the Promotion of Advanced Medicine. It only looks like a planned bankruptcy.


From 2010, Shigeru Kinoshita and the Foundation planned to establish a separate company to put patents into the new company. It is clearly on the recording tape. It became a story.


With that said, I asked YouTube to reassemble the old tape, and when I asked it in Japan, I found it surprising.

On this homepage, only the conversation with Mr. Shigeru Kinoshita's agent can be published, but if Mr. Shinozaki's conversation on this recording tape is true, is Shigeru Kinoshita's act a special responsibility? Contract breach? Therefore, he went bankrupt in conspiracy with Kitagawa to ensure his safety. It will be possible to catch it.


As stated in the confirmation letter sent by Shigeru Kinoshita to Shigeru Kinoshita, Shigeru Kinoshita was initially able to conduct only mouse-level research on corneal regeneration sheets because there was no research cost. After receiving a large amount of research expenses from Alblast, Alblast also prepared a GNP-class research institute to start human research at the request of Shigeru Kinoshita. In addition to research expenses, human resources were also provided, and Shigeru Kinoshita asked for it, and the investment cost was close to 2 billion yen. I heard that.


This confirmation says


As Professor Kinoshita and his agent, Mr. Shinozaki, already know, Alblast has been working for a long period of nine years to commercialize Professor Kinoshita's technology, and volunteers from investment companies and individuals. In addition, we have introduced huge development costs such as government-related subsidies and have made repeated efforts to develop products in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. ]

[Professor Kinoshita and the Company have agreed on the << Memorandum of Understanding on Joint Application Patents >> concluded on March 18, 2008. Will support the research of A, such as research funds and human assistance, and cooperate in promoting research and development. Based on this item, Professor Kinoshita must cooperate with Alblast's commercialization plan, and cannot take any action that hinders the opportunity to commercialize it. .. We trust this memorandum to support research expenses and human resources as much as possible, and at the same time trust the fulfillment of the terms of this agreement, and we believe that Professor Kinoshita is cooperative in commercialization. We have been working on it with the idea that it will also cooperate with the reverse merger. In fact, as in the past, we are still maintaining and taking measures to establish patents. ]

In addition, some of our shareholders are currently using the << Reference Information on Exercise of Voting Rights >> sent from Professor Kinoshita on October 08, and the << Patent Right Return Agreement >> sent on October 27. There are people who feel that the reverse merger, income, and regeneration of the company have been hindered, and it seems that they are considering a lawsuit against Professor Kinoshita.


Shareholders have invested a total of more than 4 billion yen so far, but they have not donated them, but have believed in Alblast and invested in them.

R & D at the GMP level (essential for human research) would not have been possible without the investment of these investment companies, and it would have been impossible to obtain medical device designation for rare diseases.

It was a fact that the commercialization of Professor Kinoshita's technology would not be possible without these investment funds.

Confirmation letter sent by all Kitagawa to Shigeru Kinoshita

Evidence email that it was all Kitagawa who wrote the confirmation

As mentioned above, Shigeru Kinoshita has invested 2 billion yen worth of shareholder R & D expenses.

The act of trying to bankrupt Alblast in order to establish a new company, as the Foundation told me, as soon as Alblast tried to regenerate it, it would go against the palm of my hand. Is not an act that is allowed as a person.

The company belongs to the shareholders, and the shareholders who have invested have not invested in Shigeru Kinoshita as volunteers.

Shigeru Kinoshita has signed a memorandum of understanding that he must cooperate with the revitalization of the company.

Moreover, it has become clear that behind such an act was the defamation of Stem Cell Science's treatise forgery, the conflict of interests of the Foundation, and the slander of Yoshiko Nakajima, who was involved in her role, against me and her husband.

Evidence email that Yoshiko Nakajima of Kobe's Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation was slanderous

An email stating that the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation is waiting for bankruptcy like a hyena

A recording tape of Zen Kitagawa, who says that the Foundation, Shigeru Kinoshita, and JCR Pharmaceuticals are going bankrupt and stealing patents from Blast.

There is also a conversation recording tape of Mr. Zen Kitagawa and Mr. Shinozaki that Shigeru Kinoshita is planning to take over the patent by establishing a new company with the foundation.


The Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation is the place where Yoshiki Sasai of RIKEN committed suicide in an unnatural way, and is an affiliated organization of Kobe City.


As all Kitagawa says, it is Shigeru Kinoshita, who was working with the Foundation, who may have a defamation or special proceeding, and the other party is the Foundation.

Like RIKEN, I feel dangerous, but I don't give any evidence on this homepage.

We do not disclose about 5% of the evidence of possession.

Until now, I have given all the evidence to American lawyers and the FBI, and although I have disclosed it on the English homepage, I did not intend to disclose it in Japanese.

However, at the request of a major shareholder of Forty Cell Bioscience, or others, we have decided to file a claim for damages and disclose all of them.

Anyway, if the recording tapes of Mr. Shinozaki and Mr. 2 are correct, it means that Shigeru Kinoshita has been waiting for Alblast's bankruptcy since October 2010. Then, Yoshiko Nakajima of the Foundation (along with all the words of Kitagawa, was planning to establish a new company after the bankruptcy of Alblast and introduce patents there.

That's why, if Shigeru Kinoshita interfered with the transfer contract with Alblast USA, wouldn't it be a special act of resignation?

Or, since I have received about 2 billion yen in research expenses from Alblast, I can request a refund in a shareholder lawsuit. It is also said to be.

By the way, Alblast USA is a shareholder.


This time, for the first time, things up to this point have become as clear as Jigzo Pasul. All you have to do is leave it to the police, the FBI, American lawyers, and supporters of some of America's most famous VIPs. At the same time, it would be difficult for Alblast USA shareholders to find out that a man like Shigeru Kinoshita, who only thinks about himself as a stupid self, has caused damages of nearly 16 billion yen.

Please check the notification to US shareholders yesterday.


​Document forgery

​An email about the extinction of Shigeru Kinoshita's rights

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