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Yoshiko Nakajima is defaming because she and her husband are notorious about it. All Kitagawa's emails.

The following is an email sent from Zen Kitagawa.

The email clearly states:

I have some reports. First, we received information that Mrs. Nakajima of Stem Cell Science was making various bad statements to Foundation executives about the unpopularity of Mr. and Mrs. Ryan. The executive said he believed the story and warned the teachers involved to be careful of Mr. Ryan. Isn't this completely defamation?

When I received this email, it was 2010.

It was Christmas Eve on December 24, 2007, when I noticed Stemcell Science's paper forgery fraud and decided to report it to the police, so at this point, three years have already passed. increase.

It is surprising that there were employees who were obsessive or acted like stalker at the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, which Kobe City is involved in.

Why does Yoshiko Nakajima stalk me and her husband so relentlessly?


I have asked the same question to an NHK reporter.



This person is a very good person and went to Kobe to investigate various things.


As a result, the Stem Cell Science case is a famous story in Kobe's Port Island, and the most famous story is the conflict of interest between Yoshiko Nakajima and Stem Cell Science.


This famous NHK reporter heard the following stories from various people such as the foundation, RIKEN, and Advanced Medical Center Hospital that he visited many times.

"The most mysterious thing about Stem Cell Science is about Stem Cell Science's rent. It is a famous story that no one in the foundation tried to charge even if the rent was delinquent for more than one year and six months and reached about 30 million yen. Normally, it will take about 3 months for delinquency and you will move out immediately. It is said that there was Yoshiko Nakajima. 』\


In fact, Kenzo Nakajima said, "My wife is at the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, so I don't have to pay the rent. No problem. I've heard that​​ Kenzo Nakajima told the employees at the office, "My wife has stopped, so the rent is okay. I've told them that I had a recording tape that says, and with or without such a tape, it's usually natural to move out after two or more rent delinquency.

It is natural that it is unusual to have a delinquent payment for more than one year and six months.

For the first time in pursuit of this fact, the Foundation has filed a lawsuit for Stem Cell Science's rent. There is a history of that.

I and my husband are people who know too much about the facts and evidence about this conflict of interest of Yoshiko Nakajima, and at the same time, a person who holds evidence and recording tape of Yoshiko Nakajima's husband's 300 million yen paper forgery fraud. And, of course, it was a lump above his eyes, and he probably didn't like it.

This time, I am really surprised by the fact that Yoshiko Nakajima was involved in the bankruptcy of Alblast.

From the experience of blackmailing my son's hospital, I thought he was not an ordinary person, but at this point he is a stalker.

From Yoshiko Nakajima, medical malpractice and treatise forgery fraud have similar feelings. On the same day that I received an e-mail that didn't make sense, "The police won't work. My son will be in the National Defense Medical College Hospital. Two days later, my son, who had just finished an 11-year-old birthday party at the time, had a plastic bag on his head at the Defense University Hospital, which was a medical error that could be taken as abuse or torture. I met you.

My son is also a plant human with a red string mark on his neck.
A recording tape that the attending physician confessed to what he had done when he was told by the director of an acquaintance of Shigeru Kinoshita.
Click here for details on the 30 million yen conflict of interest between Stem Cell Science, which was also investigated by the media, and Yoshiko Nakajima, who was an employee of the foundation.
Stem Cell Science Treatise Click here for a recording tape of evidence of forgery fraud.
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