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Evidence of Reverse Merger 2


As I explained in Evidence Document 1 of Reverse Merger, we conducted Reverse Merger with Fortecell, a biomaterials listed company in New York.


Normally, we would have been listed in New York at this point.


However, Akira Kitagawa does not have the ability to reverse merger on her own. scam. I decided on the words such as, and filed for bankruptcy on my own.

(Maybe Akira Kitagawa was tempted by Attorney Kasahara? I don't know the details, but when I searched for Attorney Motohiro Kasahara, I found that "This Motohiro Kasahara is a lawyer & patent attorney." He is a "takeover lawyer" who abuses the privileges of a patent attorney and steals intellectual property such as patents. The number of intellectual property hijacked from individuals and individuals is less than 40. ”I was very surprised by the blog and Twitter.


Click here for details






After that, the bankruptcy trustee made the same mistake, and the bankruptcy proceedings were decided to start, causing great damage to the company and Fortecell.


American securities lawyers can claim damages of at least 10 billion yen. I am saying.


The photo on the right shows the decision to start bankruptcy proceedings and all of Kitagawa and Shigeru Kinoshita, despite the official success of the reverse merger on January 03, 2012 (see Document 1 of the reverse merger's evidence for details). -And the Securities and Exchange Commission has dealt with the listed company Fortecell, which has become stuck due to the unauthorized change of patent name (forgery and theft of official documents) due to the conspiracy of lawyer Motohiro Kasahara and others. , On March 13, 2012, it is a document that has issued a claim to explain in writing as soon as possible because it may be delisted as it is.


In the end, because of all Kitagawa and Shigeru Kinoshita, Fortisel Biosciences was delisted, and shareholders of Fortisel Biosciences and ArBlastUSA suffered significant losses.


Forte - think cell Biosciences for 15 billion yen (current price 18 billion yen) shareholders who had invested about also, also, shareholders who bought the stock after the listing also, in the common sense of Akira Kitagawa and Shigeru Kinoshita et al. You have suffered a great deal of damage due to the act of forging an official document, such as changing the name of a patent without permission.


Details of these facts will be announced for the first time.






















Until now, those who are unaware of these circumstances have been scammed by the Turkish national CF (Turkish name MO), who was working with them, against James Ryan even though he could not reverse merger. Chimaki Furusawa (Turkish name), a Turkish national who was a director of Stemcell Science, which was the stage of the thesis forgery fraud related to RIKEN, among the shareholders and other related parties because of the forgery trial I'm sure some of you may think that we didn't reverse-murge after the trial of Memet Ouse), but in reality, we are a Securities and Exchange Commissioner in New York. As stated in the proof of the meeting, it was definitely a successful reverse merger.

These facts are also posted on the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) website.


The above document is a document requesting a fact-finding sent from the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) to Forty Cell in March 2012.


The reverse merger, which James Ryan had prepared over a long period of time, ended with an unknown bankruptcy filing by Akira Kitagawa.

But now, when you think about it, where did the patent flow? And who is the profitable person? Considering such a thing, there are people who always come up with names.

These are the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation in Kobe, Yoshiko Nakajima, who was an employee of this foundation, and Shigeru Kinoshita.

The patent is currently held by the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation.

In fact, it is a patent of Alblast USA, and this fact is obvious from the statement submitted by Zen Kitagawa to the district court in Kobe.

If no bankruptcy filing has been filed, and if they have not changed the name of the patent in a forged document, Alblast now needs to sell its shares in Arblast USA in the United States to go bankrupt. Wasn't there at all.

But in reality, all patents are in the Foundation.

And now, when I think about it, in a conversation with Mr. S, who is Shigeru Kinoshita's agent, in December 2010, Mr. S clearly asserts as follows.

"Alblast will go bankrupt, and then the Foundation and Professor Kinoshita will patent the new company and sell it to another company. It seems that a new company has already been established. 』\

I had a lot of conversations about that, but when I think about it now, it's just the story of the common interest.


That is, the bankruptcy was a planned crime of Shigeru Kinoshita and the Foundation. That's probably what it means.

From this fact, you can understand how the bankruptcy filing trial filed by Akira Kitagawa was a forgery trial.


It can be said that it is a kangaroo trial, which is called the trial of all Kitagawa, and the fabrication trial caused by this Turkish national, Chimaki Furusawa (Turkish name Memet Ouz).


At the same time, Chimaki Furusawa (Turkish name Memet Ouz), who was a director of Stemcell Science Co., Ltd., which is the stage of the thesis forgery fraud involving RIKEN, concealed that fact and was brought up for a forgery trial. why? Has a forgery trial been filed? why? Did you hide the fact of the treatise fabrication? why? Did you hide the fact that you were a director when asked in court?


Involving a public company called an American listed company and inviting all Kitagawa (Akira) and others to bankrupt the listed company, causing damage equivalent to 18 billion yen to many people in the United States, Europe and Japan and causing inconvenience. Considering that, the crime is great, and considering the depth of the forgery trial that was filed using the same lawyer (patent lawyer) at the same time as the bankruptcy filing of Akira Kitagawa, this time , Chimaki Furusawa (Turkish name Memet Ouz) is not a private person but a public figure. I borrowed the words of the American FBI, which I admitted, and announced the name.


The five-year statute of limitations in the United States is not over yet.


Also, if you would like to know more about the fabrication trial initiated by Chimaki Furusawa (Turkish name Memet Ouz), click here.

Statement of all Kitagawa
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