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​Minutes of board meeting

This board meeting was a meeting about all of Kitagawa.


Alblast's major shareholders are blamed for the fact that while Kitagawa Zen received an injury and illness allowance from the Osaka Pharmaceutical Insurance Association, he actually worked for Alblast and received shares in Alblast USA in return. I have seen it while tilting. Evidence recording tapes have already been given to the FBI by an American lawyer.

However, the situation of Kitagawa is too unusual, so I would like Kitagawa to take a formal rest at the distrustful general meeting of major shareholders and ego shareholders. I notified you.


After that, the minutes of the board meeting held by the board members selected by the shareholders.


The reason why I decided to publish the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting is that at this Board of Directors, Zen Kitagawa officially retired from the position of President and Representative Director, and Mr. I took over.


However, horribly, after the resolution of the board of directors, Kitagawa issued the following German patent without any consultation to these directors, acting representative director Mr. I and major shareholders. I made a decision and changed my name.


1. Zen Kitagawa changed his name to the German Patent Office by forging his identity as a representative director.

2. Motohiro Kasahara decided to change the name of the patent to the German Patent Office by forging his identity as an agent of Alblast.

3. Shigeru Kinoshita, knowing the contents of these fabrications, submitted his signature document to the German Patent Office and decided to change the name of the patent.

The following is the minutes of the board meeting before the patent was scammed by Motohiro Kasahara and other organizations.


Undoubtedly, Kitagawa has been removed from the CEO.


Also, please note that the names of the directors are hidden because they are also victims of Kitagawa and others, and I think they want to live quietly now.

​Please be aware that the acting representative director is misrepresenting the identity of Zen Kitagawa and Motohiro Kasahara against the German Patent Office. A document that says.

Evidence document that Motohiro Kasahara, Zen Kitagawa, and Shigeru Kinoshita forged their identity at the USA Patent Office and changed their name.

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