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Confirmation letter sent by all Kitagawa to Shigeru Kinoshita

This confirmation states that << Alblast has now passed the transfer of technology and patents to Alblast USA at a general meeting of shareholders. ≫ is included. In other words, on December 19, 2010, when this document was sent, the fact that the transfer of patents and technologies to Alblast USA had already been decided is clearly stated. That is, this document does not have a business transfer contract, which is stated in the briefs for all Kitagawa trials. Clearly state that the allegation is a forged false testimony.

Evidence email that all Kitagawa wrote this confirmation





Please confirm the following in response to the notice sent to our CEO, Masayuki Ushida on December 14, 2010.


As Professor Kinoshita and his agent, Mr. Shinozaki, already know, Alblast has been working for nine years to commercialize Professor Kinoshita's technology, as well as investment companies and individual volunteers. We have introduced enormous development costs such as government-related subsidies and have made repeated efforts to develop products in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.


It's been a long time of twists and turns that can't be overstated on this paper, and Alblast is responsible for spending these investments and valuable government-related national taxes. ..


I think Professor Kinoshita is well aware of these circumstances.

However, due to the illness of Kitagawa, who was the representative director of the Company in April of this year, Alblast's business has been tilted since he took a leave of absence. I think Professor Kinoshita is aware of these circumstances as well.


However, Alblast has an important mission to commercialize the important products developed by Professor Kinoshita in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, and this is why the company remains tilted. Hmm.


In consultation with shareholders, we will try to revitalize and survive Alblast USA by listing Alblast USA on the US market by a method called reverse merger to obtain development funds.


Listing Alblast USA through a business transfer and making it possible to raise funds from the market will commercialize the technology we possess, and it will be as quick as possible to patients in Japan and around the world. We have proceeded with the discussion, thinking that it is the most appropriate decision to spread the word.


1st and 1st rehabilitation plan (1st stop due to Shigeru Kinoshita)

The first plan was to start the reverse merger DD on October 18, and three weeks later, on November 8, Alblast USA went public, and in January next year, all written seals would end. , Our technology was planned to be revived in Alblast USA and to be spread worldwide as a technology owned by a listed company.


However, unfortunately, the reconstruction plan, which took the time and money of our shareholders, American securities lawyers, securities certified accountants, and many other stakeholders, arrived from Professor Kinoshita on October 08. ≪Reference information on exercising voting rights≫ and ≪Patent right return contract≫ sent by Professor Kinoshita on October 27, 2010, the other party's listed company in the United States refused. rice field.

This document from Professor Kinoshita made it impossible to raise funds because the story of the reverse merger flowed, and it became impossible to hold discussions with creditors, so as a result, I did not have many trials. It is no longer possible.


After this, we held meetings with shareholders and Mr. Ryan, and we are responsible for receiving medical devices for rare diseases from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and at the same time, for patients around the world who are looking forward to this treatment. At this point, I decided that I couldn't go bankrupt, so I planned to do a reverse merger again.


Second and second regeneration plans (second stop due to Kinoshita)

We have newly entered the selection of excellent listed companies in the United States, and have held meetings with the American side to talk to the selected companies for the final survival of Alblast.


Then, it was decided to start DD of Reverse Merger with the selected listed company on November 14, and we were doing everything for the second listing plan for the survival of Alblast.

However, on November 13th, an email from Professor Naofumi Shinozaki, who was the agent of Professor Kinoshita, caused a situation in which DD was suddenly canceled again, and Alblast's reconstruction plan was once again announced. It has been washed away.


At this point, listing in January became impossible, but I asked a securities lawyer or a listed consultant to act as an intermediary, and explained the relationship between Professor Kinoshita and Alblast to the partner company in detail and managed to understand. We were able to obtain the understanding and cooperation of our shareholders at the General Meeting of Shareholders on December 17th.

At the same time, our company, which had lost its control tower due to the absence of management, took a new system for revitalization, such as Kitagawa returning to the representative director on the 17th and a new officer appointed. ..


Currently, there are high expectations for the revitalization of the parties concerned toward the DD that will start in January.

However, this notice, which we received from our attorney-at-law, has once again put our potential reverse merger in jeopardy.


Professor Kinoshita and our company agreed on the << Memorandum of Understanding on Joint Application Patents >> concluded on March 18, 2008. Item 2) We cooperated with you in further technological development and commercialization of the target invention, and you We will provide support such as research funds and human assistance for the research of A, and cooperate in promoting research and development. Based on this item, Professor Kinoshita must cooperate with Alblast's commercialization plan, and cannot take any action that hinders the opportunity to commercialize it. .. We trust this memorandum to support research expenses and human resources as much as possible, and at the same time trust the fulfillment of the terms of this agreement, and we believe that Professor Kinoshita is cooperative in commercialization. We have been working on it with the idea that it will also cooperate with the reverse merger. In fact, as in the past, we are still maintaining and taking measures to establish patents.


That is, it is described in the note ① of the notification.


Since it is clear that your company has abandoned the commercialization of the "target invention" due to the transfer plan, according to paragraph 4 of this memorandum, your share of the right to obtain this patent has already been notified free of charge. Has moved to.


We have confirmed that the text is incorrect and invalid, and at the same time, the technology and patents have not been transferred to the notifier.


Regarding Note (2), this is also invalid for the same reason, and the technology and patents have not been transferred to the notifier.


Regarding Notice Note (3), this is also invalid for the same reason, and the technology and patents have not been transferred to the notifier.


For the above reasons, the Company retains all patent rights as before.


In addition, among the shareholders of the Company, according to the << Reference Information on Exercise of Voting Rights >> sent from Professor Kinoshita on October 08, the << Patent Right Return Agreement >> sent on October 27, the Company There are people who feel that the reverse merger, income, and regeneration of the company have been hindered, and it seems that they are considering a lawsuit against Professor Kinoshita.


Shareholders have invested a total of more than 4 billion yen so far, but we have not donated these, and we trust the personalities of the teachers, especially Professor Kinoshita, centered on Alblast. In addition, we believe in the credibility of the technology and invest in it.

R & D at the GMP level (essential for human research) would not have been possible without the investment of these investment companies, and it would have been impossible to obtain medical device designation for rare diseases.

It was a fact that the commercialization of Professor Kinoshita's technology would not be possible without these investment funds.


With the cooperation and hard work of many people, we have the current technology. There are also investment companies that are struggling to make these investments. It is a bad thing for investment companies to think that they have to manage to recover investment funds by successfully raising additional funds and achieving commercialization even in the form of reverse mergers. I don't think. It is considered a natural decision from a social point of view.


Unfortunately, Professor Kinoshita will unilaterally send a notice like this one at the most important aspect of our company without considering the survival and revitalization of our company.

However, these technologies are technologies and patents that existed with the cooperation of many people as mentioned above, and Professor Kinoshita's actions that are uncooperative with the plan for commercialization planned by the Company are the first. From the perspective of the three, it's like

"Alblast bankruptcy has nothing to do with me. The patent is ours. It is reflected even in the attitude of.


As a professor who is in the world of education, and at the same time, as a teacher who must receive research expenses from the government and give back to society, it is the first in the world to be a very developmental small company. Our company, which has been boldly challenging difficult commercialization, is fighting for survival, so could you please watch over with warm eyes?


We believe that the long nine years have been too long to build a relationship of trust. I believe it wasn't an easy relationship of trust that, when one was in trouble, could act like pushing someone on a cliff for help.

Alblast has now passed the transfer of technology and patents to Alblast USA at a general meeting of shareholders.


In such a situation, there is a possibility that the proceedings of the major shareholders, Chiron Asia, Alblast USA, and Professor Kinoshita will be filed in the future.

We sincerely request that you trust Alblast once again and cooperate with this reconstruction plan so that such a situation does not occur.


Alblast was born with the mission that all people would cooperate and spread Professor Kinoshita's technology to the world as soon as possible. We sincerely hope that you will once again remember these nine years with Alblast and ask for your final cooperation.

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