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Evidence Motohiro Kasahara's identity spoofing / fabrication document
AK Law Offices
The attached document on the right is evidence of a forged document containing the fact of identity fraud submitted by Motohiro Kasahara, a lawyer of Zen Kitagawa and Shigeru Kinoshita, to a German patent lawyer on August 29, 2011. It will be in writing.
Motohiro Kasahara was also a lawyer for Chimaki Furusawa (Turkish name Ous Memet), who was a director of Stem Cell Science, who filed a lawsuit against me and my husband in a forgery trial, and at the same time filed for bankruptcy of Kitagawa. He is also a lawyer.
So far, everyone says, "What's that, it's a perfect race. "Is called.
Searching for Motohiro Kasahara on the net reveals many bad rumors. I can't judge whether it is true or not, so I won't describe it here, but the patent hijacking, which is the content of the patent hijacked by Alblast USA, and the patent hijacking of Motohiro Kasahara online. I'm shocked because everything described as a technique is exactly the same.
To put it simply, it is as follows.
As far as I know, the method of taking over the patent of Motohiro Kasahara is as follows, as you can see from the document on the right.
What is written on the net
What Alblast USA did
There is a big document at the bottom.
As mentioned above, the contents are very similar.
Similarly, this time, please check the document on the right. Indeed, it is a solid proof of patent takeover.
1. This document is written on August 29, 2011. In this document, Zen Kitagawa is the CEO of Alblast . Is written. However, Zen Kitagawa is no longer the president at this point. That is, it is a written fabrication. Kitagawa Zen, along with the medical certificate of Kitagawa Zen, which was attached to the email sent by Motohiro Kasahara to Mr. Inoue, acting representative director on July 19, 2011, said, "I can't do any work because I'm in a state of dementia. .. I have been requesting a leave of absence. Motohiro Kasahara, who is the person himself, wrote in the document on the right, "All Kitagawa is the representative director. So change the name of the patent. I am deceiving the German patent officials by writing.
The following is the email when I submitted my request for teaching profession.
2. The document on the right says, "We have not approved it at our board meeting. And ", like, Motohiro Kasahara is, but by how to write, such as is also the General Counsel or the Board of Directors of Al blast, Inc. we are trying to deceive the opponent, Motohiro Kasahara is, of course, neither the lawyers, totally, unrelated As an outsider, I do not have the right to write a statement such as "Our Board of Directors". It's just an identity fraud.
3. Also, Mr. Inoue is neither a director nor a representative, and Mr. Inoue is lying. Is written . It is as if Mr. Inoue is calling himself a director even though the general meeting of shareholders has not been approved by the board of directors. However, at this point, Mr. Inoue is undoubtedly the representative director and manager approved at the general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors . Of course, Kasahara is familiar with that fact.As proof of this, you can see the fact that Kasahara himself clearly states "Director Inoue" in the address of the email sent from Kasahara to Mr. Inoue below.
4. Also, no contract has been concluded in this document that the patent has been assigned. However, I am often surprised to think that it is possible to describe lies endlessly so far. Of course, this content is also a complete fabrication.
Alblast and Alblast USA have clearly entered into a business transfer agreement. Below is the business transfer agreement and the confirmation letter sent by Zen Kitagawa to Shigeru Kinoshita.
Even though there is such evidence, I boldly forge documents and misrepresent myself so far. It feels like I'm used to taking over patents. Said an American FBI official.
​Motohiro Kasahara sent to Mr. Inoue on July 19th, saying, "I will take a leave of absence because I can't do any work. An email that says.
An article by Nikkei Biotech that describes the fact that all Kitagawa retired in July 2010.
There is a big document at the bottom.
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