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About the word loss of mind

In this site, we use the term "loss of soul" in the words of his lawyer, Motohiro Kasahara, for all of Kitagawa who filed for bankruptcy. Normally, I didn't want to use this type of word, but in fact, in the explanation to American securities lawyers, securities companies, shareholders, etc., regarding the state when all of Kitagawa filed for bankruptcy. Was an unavoidable big problem.

Because, we, the people concerned, said, "The Kobe District Court cannot accept the bankruptcy of the demented. And ", because he had believed.

Therefore, I asked American shareholders, securities companies, securities lawyers, etc., "I heard about the bankruptcy of Alblast in Japan. What is this? When asked, we always answered as follows.


"About the bankruptcy of Alblast in Japan, it's okay. No problem. I talked with the board members and major shareholders of Alblast in Japan, but Kitagawa said from his lawyer, Motohiro Kasahara, <Because he is in a state of dementia, he cannot do any business. > Is received with the doctor's medical certificate. There is no court that accepts bankruptcy filings for those who do not have such judgment, as long as they can make a decent judgment in developed countries. 』\


I explained it like this.

In fact, in the United States, of course, we don't make such content public to those who are demented in their normal lives.

However, in the case of all Kitagawa, he filed for bankruptcy with the court.

Zen Kitagawa, who is responsible for receiving around 4 billion investments, filed for bankruptcy with the court as a public figure.

It is not something that can be done with "I am no longer responsible because I went bankrupt."

Moreover, it involves tens of thousands of shareholders of listed companies in the United States.

Not surprisingly, as a public figure, under US corporate law, Alblast USA was in a position to explain to shareholders about Kitagawa's bankruptcy filing.

Under such circumstances, Alblast USA was in a situation where it was necessary to clarify the following contents based on the Companies Act of a listed company in the United States.

1, why? Can we say that the court will not accept Alblast's bankruptcy filing? I had to explain.

2, why? Did the Kobe District Court accept the bankruptcy filing for the demented?

3. What happened to the patent?

4, why? Did a Japanese lawyer take over the patent until he was involved and misrepresented himself?

5. Did you notify the police?

6. What did the police say? (The Kobe police in Japan said that they could not accept the case of the demented, so I consulted with the FBI.)

7. What did the FBI say?

There were still many obligations to explain, but in answering such questions, it was indispensable to explain using the words of Kitagawa's lawyer Motohiro Kasahara himself, saying that Kitagawa was totally demoralized.

Both Alblast USA and Forty Cell Bioscience are American companies and were listed, so if you do not give a clear answer based on the American company law, on the contrary, Alblast USA is also Forty. -Selbioscience may be sued for damages, and it may be legal to explain the situation of dementia in a muddy or different language. Therefore, explaining the truth as the truth was an indispensable situation.

Based on the American Companies Act, we have determined that this website needs to be disclosed until April 21, 2017, which is five years.

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