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Evidence email that F blocked listing






Sent: Monday, November 01, 2010 4:35 AM
Subject: To Mr. O


Mr. O



I don't understand why you do this.

It is not the responsibility of the master that the reverse merger can not be done, Mr. N

I listened to your advice, partly because I cheated

Mr. O should fully understand that this is because of this.

Stem Cell Science is because Mr. KN, who was the representative, cheated.

, The fact that reverse merger has become impossible is that you too are stem cell science

He is a director of the board of directors, attends the board meeting many times, and records conversations with Mr. KN.

You should understand it well because it was done.

These facts are also stamped on the minutes of the board of directors.

I can't escape you.


Also, the Stem Cell Science Inn, which was the chance for the next reverse merger.

Regarding M & A with Grand, it was the reason why this reverse merger broke down.

It's Mr. O himself.


For this reverse merger, I urgently asked Mr. O and the board members.

You have to get a signature and seal, late at night, called by you at your home

You know enough that you went up close, waited, and waited.


At this time, only Mr. O had not completed the signature and seal, and everyone expected that M & A would be possible this time.


Normally, it would be extremely difficult, such as M & A of a company where Mr. N and the former management had cheated, and the master repeatedly held meetings with the other party.

Finally, I was allowed to accept the M & A.

However, at the time of this meeting with you, even after two hours, Mr. O did not appear in the end, and I had no choice but to return.

At this time, I called Mr. O dozens of times, but Mr. O

≪I'm going right now. ≫ Just answer the phone once,

After that, I couldn't get in touch, and to be honest, I was scared and couldn't wait more than two hours because it was a night meeting place in an unsafe place.

I was at a loss because I couldn't get in touch with Mr. O and had to submit the documents by tomorrow.

At this time, I was talking to multiple parties by phone, so you should know that multiple people know this fact.


On this return, I think I finally got a call from you around midnight.

First, I got a call from Mr. G, and Mr. O is against M & A. My mouth isn't spinning. I received a message saying ≫.

When I was surprised and called you, you suddenly

≪I am against the reverse merger of Stem Cell Science this time. ≫

said. If I don't do M & A this time, I won't have a chance anymore. ≫

Well, you

≪The reverse merger in such a bad stock market condition is absolutely the opposite. If I do M & A, I will oppose it as a shareholder. ≫ I said.

At that time, for the first time, I realized why Mr. O didn't come to the meeting place and why I had to wait for two hours.

After all, I realized that I didn't want to sign and seal because I was against M & A.

And for a while, it was an argument.

My husband changed the phone on the way, and my husband also ≪This time, I will definitely do M & A. You got into an argument because you said ≫.

I have the conversation at this time, so there is no mistake.

After this, Mr. G and his husband talked, and this time, even if Mr. O objected, it was decided to list in the form of M & A.


However, the next day, when I called Mr. O again, Mr. O said, << No matter who thinks, listing at this time will not be a good result.

Absolutely the opposite. ≫ I was moved by the persuasion, and my feelings were against the M & A.

Therefore, I had a big quarrel with my husband, but without my signature, my husband can not move freely, so in the end, Mr. O's

It was decided to incorporate opinions.

Mr. O, who is the party concerned, should know these circumstances best.

At this time, many people were inconvenienced because I believed and adopted Mr. O's words.


And yet, I don't understand your true intention to put those reasons on the shelf and blame the master for not being able to reverse merger.


Everyone involved knows that it is your responsibility and my belief in your words that the reverse merger was not possible.


Maybe Mr. O has forgotten these facts?


Also, regarding Medesophia, Mr. O, who is the general agent, suffered damage because he did not work properly, and it was my responsibility to recommend Mr. O to the general agent.

Doesn't Mr. O know the fact that he was always scolded by his husband?

As mentioned above, all of these facts remain as items to be stated in the email.


At the same time, I used to call Mr. O's email and phone number many times, but the email came back and I couldn't connect to my cell phone, so I was in great trouble. ..


Anyway, I'm glad I got in touch with you.

Please call me as soon as possible.



Ryan Miki

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