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The Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation is waiting for the bankruptcy of Alblast, like Hyena. E-mail from all Kitagawa

The following is an email from Zen Kitagawa.

It's disappointing to see hyenas waiting for bankruptcy of Alblast, such as JCR and the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, in this email. Is written.

At this time, it was October 22, 2010, but from this time on, all of Kitagawa


"The Foundation is aiming for the bankruptcy of Alblast. If I go bankrupt, I plan to start a company with Professor Kinoshita immediately. I'm going to bring a patent without spending a yen. ", Said Zen Kitagawa.

Also, as mentioned at the end of this e-mail, Yoshiko Nakajima, who was an employee of the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, said, "I am spreading the bad publicity. ] Is also written.

Not only all of Kitagawa, but also the emails received from many people, we have received proof emails that Yoshiko Nakajima is going around saying bad reviews about me and my husband.

Many emails written by Yoshiko Nakajima have been received from multiple collaborators.

Note: Unrelated stories such as shareholder names are hidden.

Why did Yoshiko Nakajima of the Foundation start to make bad publicity?
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