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Evidence All Kitagawa patent fraud, identity fraud, forged documents

The following text is an identity fraud / forgery document sent by Zen Kitagawa to a German patent lawyer and the Japan Patent Office in August 2011, before filing for bankruptcy.


Zen Kitagawa is not the CEO of Alblast at this time.






As mentioned in the above article, after I retired, I received an injury and illness allowance from the Osaka Pharmaceutical Health Insurance Association.


But he firmly, in this text,


"I am the CEO of Alblast USA, so change the name of the patent of Alblast USA. 』\


Is written.

Of course, he is not the CEO at this time.


At the same time, at this time, the patent has already been assigned to Alblast USA under the business transfer agreement.


Instead, Alblast USA has transferred a 30% stake to Alblast.


That is, all Kitagawa have no right to change their name.


At this time, the acting representative of Alblast was Mr. Inoue, and he was not refused by the representatives and directors appointed at the general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors, nor was it approved at the board of directors. Along with Motohiro Kasahara, he misrepresented himself and committed patent fraud, forgery of private texts, and the same exercise.






In Germany and the United States, of course, this is a big crime.


Because it is a big crime, when I consulted with the Japanese FBI in 2012, from the Japanese FBI,


"This crime requires a large-scale investigation, so the FBI in Japan does not have that much budget, so it is impossible to investigate. 』\


The FBI director said, "About the problem that Americans living in Japan were involved in crime. The fact that he answered about this crime was broadcast on American television.






This year, on May 25, a letter sent by James Ryan to Secretary of State John Kerry has resumed communication with the FBI.


It is natural that a crime is a crime and the person who commits the crime is caught.

We hope that the facts will be made public for the large number of shareholders who are looking forward to the FBI investigation.


The following is the document of all Kitagawa.





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