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​Is the Tokyo District Court a mistake? Intentionally? The Kasahara Group's fabrication trial is approved by presenting a paper by Teruhiko Wakayama of STAP cells. A big blunder!

A forgery trial filed by Chimaki Furusawa (Turkish name: Ouz Memet), who was a director of Stem Cell Science, and, surprisingly, the lawyer of this trial was Motohiro Kasahara, who filed for bankruptcy of Alblast. lawyer).

Motohiro Kasahara desperately misrepresented his identity and made a forged document at exactly the same time, in the same year, and in the same month as these two forgery trials, and granted the patent of Alblast USA to Alblast USA without permission. I was making changes and fraudulently.

That is, the trial of Chimaki Furusawa held at the Tokyo District Court has two purposes. One is a camouflage of patent fraud, and the other is to make it easier to research the personal information of me and my husband by conducting a trial in a state of forged content. It seems that this is a method of patent hijacking fraud by Motohiro Kasahara.

Homepage written about other patent frauds by Motohiro Kasahara

And again, to coincide with these two forgery trials, Douglas Sipp, who was a public relations officer of RIKEN, and Hiroshi Saito of Nihon University, who gained momentum from the same time, have many roots for Mr. and Mrs. Ryan. Slandering with no leaves.

The same technique of the Kasahara Motohiro patent fraud group that can be seen through.

Furusawa, in this fabrication trial,

"I am not a board member of Stem Cell Science. 』\

I affirm.

Of course, it's a complete lie.


December 13, 2007 General Meeting of Shareholders Held in Kobe

  (At the general meeting, Furusawa submitted a letter of consent for inauguration, the shareholders approved it, and Furusawa gave an inauguration greeting to the shareholders on the spot.)

December 22, 2007 Audit & Supervisory Board Member Nakahara admits to Ryan Miki that he was aware of Stemcell Science's treatise forgery fraud.

Extraordinary meetings held on accusations of December 24, 2007 at the Tokyo ANA InterContinental Hotel to the pursuit and the police on the papers fabricated fraud (Furusawa in this Board of Directors, attended by the Board of Directors, to the Board of Directors Minutes It is stamped .)


January 08, 2008 Board of Directors Meeting Again on Pursuit of Treatise Forgery Fraud at Tokyo ANA Intercontinental Hotel

(FC also attends this board meeting as a director and stamps the minutes of the board of directors.)


In this way, Audit & Supervisory Board Member Nakahara, Audit & Supervisory Board Member U, and major shareholders are present at the Board of Directors as observers . Is also included in the recording tape.

Even though I have all the evidence, why did I say, "I'm not a director. Do you openly sue in court for things that even children can tell lies?

His impression on me and my husband was that he was a very sincere person, so the fact that he was such a liar has become traumatic.


In this way, this forgery trial is a public company that is basically a public court and has received an investment of about 750 million yen from more than 30 major investment companies. A person who was greeting the appointment of a director at a general meeting of shareholders of the company Stemcell Science, without feeling guilty at all.


"I am not a director. 』\


And speak with a straight face. I was shocked and got goose bumps.

This forgery trial was a truly ridiculous child-deception trial that began with such a public lie.


In addition, this Furusawa has been in this fabrication trial since December 2007.

"I haven't received any emails or phone calls from my husband or me. 』\

I wrote a really stupid lie in the complaint so much that I was about to blow out the Starbucks ice cafe I was drinking, like a fool.


Because, at that time, on the same day that F became a director on December 13, 2007, we first learned of the fact of the company's thesis forgery fraud from the accusation of a researcher at Stemcell Science.


Of course, because of surprise and shock, what should we do in the future? Is that the case? Isn't it true? Should we hold the next extraordinary board meeting or file a complaint with the police? I used to call, email, and hold meetings almost every day, such as consulting with a lawyer.


Even though it was such a situation, F was in court,

"Since December 2007, I have suddenly stopped receiving calls and emails. I can't meet you anymore. 』\

I was really surprised when I talked about it.


I met many times at board meetings and other meetings in January 2008, and talked about how to report the treatise fabrication of Stemcell Science to the police, and for the treatise fabrication fraud of KN et al. You will not be able to reverse merger. (It is stated in the minutes of the board of directors.) I had repeated emails, phone calls, and meetings.

Even though it was such a situation, and the fact was known not only to me but also to the CG president and corporate auditors, why? Do you tell such a child-level lie? That was an unthinkable fact from the image of Furusawa that I knew.


However, there is one thing that can be considered.


My son became a plant human on December 28, 2007.


Until this day, what was really frequent was that I could meet less suddenly and make fewer calls.

But I didn't tell F in detail about that fact, so it might have been a little lonely for him.

And it's possible that I couldn't tell me that kindness.


And, for that reason, they may have turned over and refused to sign and seal the representative seal change application.


However, in the end, F refused to sign and seal this representative seal change application, so it was not possible to proceed with the M & A talk with England, which was Stem Cell Science's last chance, and it was listed. Hope was cut off and everything was over.


The owner wants to manage to succeed Stem Cell Science's reverse merger even after the planned M & A (reverse merger) with Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) has failed due to a treatise forgery fraud. I have made a wish and made an effort.

And finally, I had the last chance to do an M & A with an English company.


The owner's reverse merger is not an M & A with a company introduced by a securities company, unlike the reverse merger that is generally said.

All of them are only famous companies introduced by my husband's acquaintances, so I was able to make a reverse merger with confidence.


Whether it's Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), which was the partner company of Stem Cell Science's reverse merger, or Forty Cell, which is the destination of Alblast's reverse merger, both are not shell companies, but very much. It was a famous company.


That was the failure due to the refusal to sign and seal this F's representative seal change application.


According to F, the reason for refusing is

"I don't like M & A in the 2 billion yen class because the value is low. After all, I want you to make an M & A of at least 10 billion yen. 』\

It was that.

Certainly, if the first M & A with ACT was successful, it would have been expensive.


In fact, this weak company was the first in an M & A involving Mizuho Securities, which then used our plan as it was to force a Korean company to M & A with ACT.

The stock price, which was 2 billion yen, has soared to 50 billion yen.

(This was a Korean employee of Mizuho Securities at that time, who was the chairman's secretary of Samsung, who was making a presentation with ACT, but that employee used the plan of his husband as it was in South Korea. I had the company do a reverse merger with exactly the same content. From this, you can see how wonderful the master's plan was.)


Anyway, no matter how small a lie, a lie is a lie.


Can you believe such a person?


At Beverly Hills with Embryonic Stem Geron and Michael West, Founder of Advanced Cell Technology (ACT)

At that time, the owner was Bill Caldwell, then president of ACT, preparing to proceed with the M & A between Stem Cell Science and Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), a super-famous American company.


ACT is the second most famous company in the world of regenerative medicine after Geron.


My husband has known about ACT since the days of Geron and Michael West, the founder of ACT.

At that time, when the story of Stem Cell Science came up, the only way to rebuild this company was to list it in the United States (reverse merger). The owner seemed to think immediately, and after concluding the M & A contract with StemCell Science, he started talking with Bill, who was the president of ACT.

Jewish people who are said to be the best in the world in ACT, in both good and bad ways

There were a lot of big investment companies in the shareholders, so I had to persuade them, so

Bill told me that I started by negotiating with the major shareholders of this ACT.


However, this Stem Cell Science treatise forgery fraud was discovered, and

This story flowed when it turned out that it was definitely a treatise forgery scam.


Naturally. A very well-known company, ACT, cannot do M & A with a company that has committed a treatise forgery.


However, in February, when the husband called the Kobe police for criminal charges, the police said, "Will it be an incident? (I don't know why it doesn't happen.) ”, We started to negotiate M & A with Advanced Cell Technology Co., Ltd. again with Bill, who was the president at that time. From the building


"We conducted due diligence on Stemcell Science's treatise fabrication, but since we are a listed company, it is still impossible to conduct M & A with a company that has clearly committed treatise fabrication fraud. 』\


Was refused.


Bill Caldwell's name is very well known in the world of regenerative medicine, and his management ability is incomparable to Stem Cell Science's KN. The building says


"The act of KN and others is definitely a treatise forgery fraud. The act of giving a press release or answering a media interview is

It's planned and there's no room for affairs. It's a story from James, so I'd like to do something about it, but this isn't what the terrifying major shareholders agree with. James shouldn't be involved with such a company either. There are quite a few companies like this, though. They would have listed it as it was if such a treatise fabrication had not been discovered, but maybe there was a story such as a third party accusing it? That's why I thought I'd give it up because it got worse. Wasn't there such a story? Shareholder? Of course, the major shareholders would have known everything. That doesn't matter to them. Shareholders of major investment firms and securities firms want to make a profit, whether it's forging a treatise or not. 』\


They said.


Certainly, it was exactly what Bill said.


In July 2007, from a researcher who was actually involved in the fabrication of a treatise at the University of Nice.

"The treatise is definitely a forged treatise. 』\

I received an e-mail accusing me.


After that, the researcher also published the fact that this treatise was a forgery as a treatise. (There is evidence mail.)


It seems that Stemcell Science has been aware of forgery since March 2006, but in July 2007, a researcher at Nice University also called to the government agency to accuse the forgery of the dissertation. that's right.


So it was exactly what Bill said.


However, after discussions between the owner and Bill, he was fraudulently forging a treatise. Although direct M & A with Stem Cell Science is not possible, the owner's company, ELIXCELL Inc. After establishing a joint venture with ACT, it was proposed to list this joint venture and then conduct an M & A with Stem Cell Science.


However, it seemed that it would take more than a year for this proposal to be fulfilled, so my husband declined it, and instead, I signed an ACT joint venture establishment contract with ELIXCELL. After that, we signed a contract to introduce the worldwide technology of Exalate, which is owned by ACT, to this joint venture.


There is a document of evidence, but since ACT is a well-known listed company, I have not asked ACT, so I can not disclose it yet, but I would like to disclose it on this HP soon.


To us


"I made him invest 10 million yen knowing that Stem Cell Science could not be listed. 』\


FC, a former director who filed a forgery trial that I don't understand, knows all this fact, of course.


Knowing that he was a board member, he stopped due to a treatise fabrication case committed by the former management team and the regenerative medicine team of RIKEN while his husband was talking about ACT and reverse merger. I knew this Chimaki Furusawa, both because my husband had no choice but to conclude a contract between ACT and my husband's company to establish a joint venture company. ..


It's a matter of course because I'm a director of Stem Cell Science.


He knew it all and wanted a stock so strongly.


If anyone knows the fact that they do ACT and M & A (reverse merger), it is natural that they want stocks.


If it was a third party, it was a big M & A so that it became an insider.


However, he is not an insider because he was a director and it is a matter of course to know.


However, after the M & A, even if you want to buy the stock, it will be very expensive, so I want to buy it as soon as possible. That is the story from F, who was an employee of Nomura Securities.


When I went to consult with Mr. OO, who was the former president of a super-major company, about M & A with StemCell Science.

"This company is dangerous, so you shouldn't touch it. I can't agree. 』\

For those of us who were thinking of refusing once

"We should do M & A with Stem Cell Science. 』\

It was Furusawa who advised me. (There is a proof email.)


In this way, while fully understanding the facts of the M & A with Stem Cell Science and the circumstances of the M & A with Stem Cell Science, he, my husband and I,


"Stem Cell Science made an investment knowing that reverse mergers couldn't be done from the beginning. 』\


I forged the story and filed a trial.


Isn't the work done by the board members as a fateful community?

When it learned to talk to ACT,

"I really want stocks urgently. 』\

As soon as it was discovered that the treatise had been forged,

"I have nothing to do with it. 』\

He resigned as a director and was deceived. To bring a trial.

Then, what if you make a lot of money by doing ACT and M & A as it is?


Really, "What a dirty animal a human is! I felt that. "


What is an investment? I was awakened to the act of not knowing the fact at all.


In addition to this F, Stem Cell Science had shareholders who had invested an amount of 700 million yen, but everyone

"If there was a treatise forgery fraud, it can't be helped. It is common sense that if you are investing, you may or may not be able to recover. 』\

It said.


F wasn't the only one who suffered damage.

I, my husband, the president of SG, Mr. G and Mr. N, who were directors, new shareholders and old shareholders, were all deceived by N and other former management teams and N and others at RIKEN. is.


If you knew about the treatise fraud in advance, wouldn't anyone have been appointed as a director?


I was shocked at the act of trying it by saying that only F was deceived.


The damage suffered by the master is the greatest, but the master has never made such a whining.


Far from saying, my husband still opposes the creation of my homepage and the publication of the book this time, despite the consideration given to the SG president regarding F's trial.


We asked F, who was an employee of Nomura Securities, for due diligence of Stem Cell Science, and believed his words after that, and concluded an M & A with Stem Cell Science.


Nevertheless, I am shocked by the trial that hides that fact.


Why did F file a forgery trial? I still don't understand.

I was shocked when F refused to sign and seal the representative seal change application, which is indispensable for the M & A with England, which was the last chance of listing, but why do you really do this? , Incomprehensible.


Still, unlike me, he has a very gentle personality, and because of his husband's personality, which everyone likes, he seems to be unable to leave F, and he feels sorry for F, and with the shares of Alblast USA. Even if I propose to exchange it, I will refuse it.


We said, "I've been blocking and disturbing F from listing, so I don't need to be kind, right? You will be self-employed. There are many shareholders who are in trouble. .. .. ?? To say ", but still, the master of gentle personality, thought that I want to somehow F, even though it has already been an e-mail or phone a number of times, not Yokosa for any reply, the phone, and my husband If you understand it, it will be cut.


After that, it was a forgery trial.


If the content of the complaint filed by F is true, then what was the contract between the owner and Bill Caldwell, then president of ACT?

I still don't understand.

F has never had the fact that we stopped calling F from December 2007 in this forgery trial, and fraud usually refers to the deceived person contacting the deceived person. It's normal that he can't get in touch, but when he goes from his trial, it's strange, but it was he who couldn't get in touch.


On the contrary, he and F's lawyer may even have been involved in Alblast USA's forged bankruptcy filing (with evidence email), he said.

For what purpose have you been involved with us? I'm even wondering.


Due to the forged bankruptcy filing of Alblast USA, new shareholders of Stem Cell Science interfere with the exchanged shares by K lawyer who was F's lawyer in just three weeks. It has been done.


Currently, we are preparing for damages claims for all cases, but regarding the judicial system of Chimimoryō in Japan, where this forged trial goes through,

It is written in my book, so if you are interested, please check it.




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