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About display about public interest
This homepage will be information disclosure for re-listing, so it is necessary information disclosure for shareholders who have invested 15 billion yen + 4 billion yen.

At first


Currently, Alblast USA is moving toward a reverse merger (listing) in New York.

At the beginning of 2017, we are planning to list in the United States, and we are in the process of negotiating the amount with a securities lawyer inside.


The most necessary thing for listing negotiations is all accurate and honest information disclosure, and our CEO takes a sincere attitude toward this information disclosure and discloses all the history up to now.


In other words, this homepage is a part of information disclosure, and it is worthy of public interest for a large number of shareholders who have made a large investment (about 15 billion yen + 4 billion yen) by the time of listing by 2012. Is.


Since this site is actually a site for information disclosure regarding bankruptcy filings, bankruptcies, and our patents that have been hijacked without permission, information will be disclosed under the real name.

1. All Kitagawa (Akira)

Former President and CEO of Alblast. After receiving an investment of 4 billion yen and receiving salaries and bonuses for 9 years, he retired on July 30, 2010.

After that, on October 28, 2011, about a month before the reverse merger, he filed for bankruptcy with the Kobe District Court without the permission of the shareholders and directors, and inflicted a large amount of damage on the shareholders.


2. Shigeru Kinoshita

Professor of Ophthalmology, Kyoto Prefectural University.

(1) I was conducting research on the cornea at the mouse level, but when I was in need because I could not do research on humans because there was no research cost , about 20 including the GNP laboratory from Alblast. With the research expenses and human resources of 100 million yen, it became possible to start research and development in humans for the first time, and secured the current position. This is the reason why the patents held are not only Shigeru Kinoshita's patents, but Alblast's patents.

(2) In 2010, Kobe's Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation told us to bankrupt Alblast and establish a new company. give.

(3) A shareholder said, "I acted to give back my favor. ], With a view to proceedings for damages. A confirmation document has been sent.







Please do not request the removal of this homepage or the suspension of publication of the book because it is published.


This homepage suffered a great deal of damage to an American listed company due to the actions of Zen Kitagawa, Shigeru Kinoshita, Motohiro Kasahara (lawyer), and Kobe's Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, which is involved in these three people. It is a homepage for information disclosure about things , and the contents of this homepage are available in English, French, Spanish, German, etc.


However, if only the Japanese homepage is treated in such a way, people around the world, especially Americans, will be shocked.


This is because the listed company Forty Cell Bioscience, which is a related company of the owner who forged and exercised official documents in the United States and received an investment of about 18 billion yen (current rate) that was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. This is because it is a site that details the fact that the company was forced into bankruptcy.


Moreover, after that, those patents were introduced to the related organizations of Kobe's Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation.


How about that, when the Japanese judiciary permits the deletion of only the Japanese homepage?


Although it was a treatise forgery fraud and an official document forgery / fraud, it used public funds such as research expenses, which is a national tax.

The crimes are heavy, and the accusations and publications of those facts are for the benefit of the country and the people, and are in the public interest.


In other words, disclosing facts that are in the public interest does not result in defamation.


According to people involved in cell medicine at Stem Cell Science, Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation,


"court. The police are free to move. 』\


I don't know what they're going to do. .. .. .. .. .. ??

For the time being, my husband is currently working at a cyber technology (not a computer, cell-related, but next-generation technology that Japanese people do not yet understand) affiliated company, with former CIA tops and former NSA tops as advisors. Because I am doing it, I am receiving advice on various aspects and I use all kinds of security.


However, isn't it time to show people around the world that there is justice in Japanese courts and justice?


Please do not forget.


They may be committing a crime.


And the crimed Forty Cell Biosciences and Alblast USA had many shareholders in the United States.


They said that the former CEO of Alblast, KA, Professor KS, and Motohiro Kasahara of AK Law Offices changed the name of the patent to Alblast USA, the original right holder, without permission. I was shocked with my eyes rounded. I was also very surprised at the fabrication trial of the CF (Turkish name MO) Tokyo District Court.


In order to prevent the same incidents as the STAP cells this time, and to prevent the real regenerative medicine and the real medical care from being destroyed, the real medical care can be delivered to patients suffering from intractable diseases. However, I would like you to eradicate the fabrication of papers.


That the accusations on my site are in the public interest so that they do not violate the law again and prevent the research costs, which are national taxes, from being used in forged treatises and fraudulent patents. I would like you to think deeply.



Confirmation document





As such an organization, I thought it could interfere with my writing of accusations.


I even felt that it was dangerous to my life.


You can also be guilty of innocence.


But after all, I thought it was time to talk about everything.


It may be life-threatening. I wrote that I felt that, but I never thought that I would meet such a terrible eye so quickly.


At the end of last year, I had a little scary eyes.

It may be life-threatening. I wrote in my book, but no matter how fast, even though it wasn't published yet, I wouldn't do such a terrible thing ...! I couldn't sleep unless I chucked the door lock of my house many times.


It also has several special Graffin TV cameras used by alarms and the Pentagon.


You may also have to move. I am discussing with my family.


However, it was a very scary experience for our family, and I felt that the only thing that could protect us in such a situation was the FBI's move as soon as possible.






Among many questions, many supporters of the country of America stood up.

With those supporters, I decided to publish all the evidence and fight.


The place to fight is in the United States.

We are currently preparing to confirm the facts by the American judiciary.


All recording tapes, documents and emails of evidence have been given to the FBI and lawyers.

At the same time, American supporters are publishing recording tapes on Youtube.


At the same time, I have decided to consult the police in Japan regarding online slander and harassment of my husband and me.




It all started seven years ago at the Stem Cell Science Shareholders' Meeting on December 13, 2007.



It all started with an email from a StemCell Science researcher accusing the new president of StemCell Science.


A treatise forgery fraud involving organizations such as the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Kobe's Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, and these Japanese NIHs (National Institutes of Health).


The last seven years since I learned this fact have been hellish days.


Everything was written in the accusation book.


I wrote it while feeling really dangerous.


"Maybe you commit suicide like Mr. Sasai? May be killed by pretending to be 』\


Is it suicide or homicide? I don't know, but there was that type of vague horror.



I ever write something. I have no experience. Therefore, I think there are many omissions and typographical errors.


I'm not used to writing, but I know about the thesis forgery fraud of Stem Cell Science, which involved employees of the RIKEN Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation.

Kobe Biomedical Research Foundation and the OO University Hospital of SK Vice President et al., By accused all of the crimes such as conspiracy to ArBlast's official document forgery, the exercise that caused

I received it.


Everything is genuine truth.


This time, we only used Stem Cell Science and Alblast, but many regenerative medicine professors committed crimes that made us want to distrust the regenerative medicine world itself.

I'm committing.


All evidence, including proof emails and recording tapes, has been handed over to American lawyers and the FBI.

If I or my husband are arrested for forgery, lost due to suicide, a car accident, or anything else, all evidence is in public.

We ask many supporters to make it public.


I never commit suicide.

If I die due to suicide or a car accident, please think that they were killed.


Of course, I have no intention of committing suicide, so I will never write a suicide note.

So, if you find a suicide note, think it wasn't written by me or my husband.


That was killed. Because it is proof.


By the regenerative medicine team of Stem Cell Science and RIKEN on December 24, 2007

The last seven years since I learned about the case of the treatise forgery fraud have been a truly hellish life.


I also moved many times.


At the same time, he has deployed around his home a special TV camera with 20 graphin covers, even developed in the Pentagon, which was given to the former top of his friend's friend, Homelands Security (US Department of Homeland Security) in the United States. increase. This is an excellent thing that you never know that it is a TV camera because it is invisible from the field of view with graphin, and is it possible to recognize DNA? It doesn't make sense to me, but my husband is very happy.




Slandering to the master that started in January 2008


From around January 10, 2008, a blogger with English proficiency living in Kobe and Hyogo started writing a blog of slander on the net, and the work started by his husband

I have been slandered every time.


English fluent for my husband's overseas work people? In some cases, I made a phone call and threatened to quit my job with my husband by e-mail or phone.


Also, for the professor whom my husband is intimate with, in perfect Japanese

"Don't work with Ryan. 』\

I received an email or fax.

It's also a stalking act of sending a large number of faxes and emails to multiple hospitals.

I felt anomalous.



The owner is RGI, the sole agency in Asia for a world-renowned facility for fertility research in Chicago.

I had the right.


However, this slanderous blogger


"James Ryan doesn't have the rights to be the sole agent for RGI, but Yury Verlinsky and

Test tube baby Robert Edwards, etc., using the name without permission at all

There is. That's how they are fraudulent. 』\


I have been slanderous and slanderous, which is completely unfounded.


The photo on the right is with me and Yury Verlinski, the founder of RGI.

This is a photo after a meeting at the Rockefeller Foundation in New York.


At this time, our family was in The Pierre, New York, New York, owned by our husband's company.

I had Yury see my son while staying in a room in the residence.


My placenta is cryopreserved in cells that can grow as many times as I want.

It's not just cord blood and placental cells.

Yury's technology that allows bone marrow cells and even reprogramming cells to proliferate indefinitely

The company owns it.


By the way, Yury has succeeded in the world's first reprogramming cell.


He has created seven academic societies around the world.


In this way, my husband and Yury decided to create the world's first many technologies while having fun.

I was successful.

And I created a lot of companies to make patent saucers.


Thus, our family has been with Yury for a long time.

Yury is Russian.


When he came to America, he was with the founder of Google.

ES cell research at RGI, which was famous as a collaboration facility for genetic diseases of WHO

It was my husband who taught me.

He was the first in the world to divide into eight when ES cells were shaking due to ethical issues.

Make ES cells from one of the ES cells and then the remaining fertilized eggs

It is returned to the mother's womb as it is and succeeded in the birth of a child.

As the first person in the world to succeed in tailor-made medicine

It was a person who knew it. This technology is an advanced cell from the master's mouth

Reported to Technology, then as they succeeded for the first time

When Nature magazine announced, the shares of Advanced Cell Technology were

Soaring, but in fact they weren't the first to succeed in the world

The facts remain as evidence with all emails.


Also, the journal of Robert Edwards, who won the Nobel Prize for test tube babies.

Robert Edwards wholly sponsored the shadow of RBM Online

It is also famous for supporting it.


Also, for a child who cannot find a leukemia donor, the exact same fertilized egg as that child

The feat of using the umbilical cord blood cells of an established and born child to cure leukemia

He was also the first person in the world to succeed.

This news has been featured around the world as "the world's first designer baby"

It was also featured in weekly magazines and NHK in Japan, so

Maybe some of you know it?


The photo on the left shows my husband, son, Yury, and the stem cell transplant treatment at the University of Pittsburgh at that time.

This is the first photo with a cardiac surgeon approved by the FDA.


It is a so-called fertilized egg genius.

Yury was so close to me that my son could see it.

However, the bloggers who slander everything about this master

About this RGI homepage


"James Ryan doesn't have the rights to RGI's sole agent.

If you own it, be careful because you are lying and fraudulent. 』\


I wrote a slanderous defamation.


At the same time, the homepage of this master's RGI is the IP address of Turkey.

Hackers hijacked, all rewritten, fertility facilities

Even though it is a homepage, the Turkish flag and pictures of Turkish soldiers appear,

With the Turkish national anthem,


"I'll tear your neck and let it shed blood. 』\


I was hijacked by a homepage where the voice was flowing.

(The video at this time has already been recorded on Youtube.)


The content of the video at that time is on the right.


The Japanese version has just been uploaded today.


This fact is from Google's "Terrorist? So what? With the question

"I will shut down the homepage. 』

I knew it for the first time when I received a call from Google.


I was scared to see this video.

My spine was frozen in the content that seems to have been made only by a mentally ill person.


We have to move many times after this homepage incident

I can't do it anymore.




Indeed, we had an acquaintance of Turkish nationality .




He is a MO who holds Turkish nationality and was a director of Stem Cell Science.


However, he turned over to Kobe's Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation and was the last of Stem Cell Science.

He broke the listing opportunity with his own hands.

From all the other new board members


"In order to prevent the listing of Stem Cell Science, we should file a claim for damages against Chimaki Furusawa, who refused to stamp the representative seal change document. 』\


I have received a document. Click here for details


Moreover, he


"I was deceived by my husband. I'm not a director. Ryan knew that Stem Cell Science was a company that had been making treatises for some time. Ryan has no technology for stem cell transplantation treatment for diabetes or heart disease. No one knows the pioneers of stem cell therapy. It's a scam. 』\


I filed a forgery trial with no meaning and no basis.


We learned of Stemcell Science's treatise forgery fraud on December 13, 2007, when we attended a general meeting of shareholders in Kobe with this MO, our husband, and the new president, SG.

Hiding all those facts, we filed a lawsuit stating that we had known forgery for a long time.


Click here for more information on the fact that my husband has stem cell transplantation therapy technology for diabetes and heart disease.


We do not know the pioneer of stem cells. I was really shocked by the complaint.


Other than that, we do n't know the pioneers of stem cell transplantation therapy, at best . I was surprised at the content.


I want you to make jokes too.


Does not possess diabetes or heart stem cell technology. I was also surprised at the complaint written.


I was shocked.


For some reason, a trial like a farce, in which such a forged lie is valid, was held at the same time as Alblast's bankruptcy filing.

It was as if the trial was held at the same time as the bankruptcy filing because the husband had to be a bad guy.


The proof that this trial was a random forgery trial to defeat his master was easily understandable by his lawyer.


≪I sold the stock knowing that it was a company that could not be listed. ≫


I had a random forgery trial.




My husband and famous American regenerative medicine doctors

I'm worried about seeing my son.

With RGI founder Yury Verlinsky

In new york


Chimaki Furusawa, who has Turkish nationality, is at trial

Deceived using the names of famous stem cell doctors we have never met.

It is a picture with the famous doctors.

If we were deceived

Are these doctors fake? Or is it a ghost?

At the same time, following the proceeding of Chimaki Furusawa

The court said, "There is no stem cell therapy in the world yet. 』\

But then, CNN, BBC, etc.

Featured in real media around the world who don't receive under the sleeve

What was their stem cell therapy?

Diabetes treatment has a 10-year follow-up for patients this year

The end was broadcast in the media.

As a mother of a patient who was bedridden due to a medical error

Developed based on a treatise forged for the purpose of money

Rather than developing rough technology such as patient illness

A real that can get rid of the patient's suffering

Stem cell transplant therapy provides hundreds of times more patient relief

I know the fact that it is possible.

Taken over by a malware virus

My husband's RGI homepage

It was the homepage of the country of Turkey.

US Shareholders Claim Damages and Sign Criminal Cases for Forgery

When I think about it, I remember being close to an employee of JAFCO, a major shareholder who was a former Nomura Securities employee and made statements that seemed to know all of Stem Cell Science's treatise forgery fraud.


In that sense, everything may have been planned from the beginning.

He had a reason to think so.


For what did he bring the case?


To find out, you need to look at his lawyer.


Why is this Furusawa lawyer? He was a lawyer who helped Alblast's bankruptcy filing and Alblast USA's patent forgery and exercise at the time of the decision. (The FBI in the United States says this lawyer may also be an accomplice.)


It was Furusawa 's forgery trial against my husband and I, who were in a visible state of the tea ceremony, but why was this official document forged patent after that? From the fact that it is flowing to the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, the shadow of the remnants of the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation and Stemcell Science was also visible here.


What's more, what does this Turkish flag / Turkish military photograph mean?


For what, "I'll tear your neck and let it shed blood. Do I have to say something scary like that?


I was scared and went to the police for consultation, but at that time, "I can't investigate because it's an overseas IP address. ], Did not move.


Since the beginning of this year, I went to the Metropolitan Police Department for consultation.

So, for the first time, "The current technology has made it possible to know most of the IP addresses. I heard that it was reliable, so I decided to sue the blogger who had been slandered until now and the homepage hijacking using this terrifying blackmail malware.



It seems that there are many other people who are planning to trap us, so on the contrary, we decided to file a lawsuit from here.








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