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​List of transferred patents

For this patent list, the patent fee was paid to the patent attorney based on the business transfer agreement that had already been concluded, but since the schedule for listing the reverse merger in the United States is approaching, at that time to reconfirm I received it from Mr. I, who was the acting manager of the representative director.

This is a certificate of inventory of patents transferred to Alblast USA regarding the business transfer agreement concluded in February 2011.

Regarding this patent, in October 2010, Zen Kitagawa sent an e-mail about the patent rights relationship between Shigeru Kinoshita and Alblast's memorandum. Shigeru Kinoshita does not have the right. I affirm.


In addition, there are many other recording tapes, but among them, Kitagawa said, "Since Shigeru Kinoshita has already received an investment of about 2 billion yen, it is natural that Alblast has the right to patent. world. I've been talking many times. (There is a recording tape.)

By the way, this lawyer, Motohiro Kasahara, is a lawyer specializing in patent hijacking on the Internet. I was surprised that there were many slanderous injuries. I don't know the credibility because it's a story on the internet, but in fact, our company has also taken over the patent, so ...!

The eyes became a point.

The FBI also seemed very interested in this content.

I don't really know the credibility of the content of the net, especially when it is anonymous, but after all, these following patents have already been issued by Alblast USA and Forty Cell Bioscience. Since February 2011, Alblast has decided and transferred the company's patent at a general meeting of shareholders, so the patent with the contract transferred in this way has been transferred to Alblast USA without permission from Shigeru Kinoshita. It is still a crime for Motohiro Kasahara and others to change their name.


Perhaps, writing like this, Shigeru Kinoshita, Zen Kitagawa, and Motohiro Kasahara said, "Because it went bankrupt, isn't it natural to have the patent returned? 』And will come halfway.


Unfortunately, however, the fact is that they changed the German patent name of Alblast USA without permission a few months before the bankruptcy was decided.


This is clearly a crime.

Why is the patent changed in name for the crime? Wondering that the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation (the place where the late Yoshiki Sasai committed suicide) has it? How should I express it?

Patent Catalog Assignment Certificate

Email about patent rights

Evidence document that Motohiro Kasahara forged a German patent and changed his name

​List of transferred patents

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