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A letter sent to the Japan Patent Office by Mr. I , who was acting representative director of Alblast, in order to prevent the unauthorized change of the name of the German patent executed by Motohiro Kasahara, Zen Kitagawa, Shigeru Kinoshita and others.


Patent name changed before bankruptcy filing

With the approval of the general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors, Alblast and the Company formally signed a patent transfer agreement with Alblast, and all of Alblast's patents have been transferred to Arblast USA Inc.


Trusting the deal, Arblast USA Inc. was moving towards a reverse merger with a listed company in New York.


However, KA and SK professors changed the name of the overseas patent to SK professor's name without any notice or notice to Arblast USA Inc. or Mr. I, acting representative director of Alblast. I was changing.


Alblast is a shareholder company that has invested in Alblast.

Naturally, patents also belong to shareholders, and acting in the interests of the company leads to acting in the interests of shareholders.

The company is neither the researcher who received the research expenses nor the director who has requested a leave of absence due to loss of soul.

However, they changed the name of the patent without the permission of the company and shareholders, as if they wanted to say that the patent was their own.


What's more, the bankruptcy filing was filed in secret to Alblast's acting CEO, to the board of directors, and to shareholders.

For some reason, KA would have hidden that fact only from Professor SK.


The proof is that Professor SK called co-patent developer Mr. K before filing for bankruptcy and was told to sign and send back the document that Alblast has filed for bankruptcy. It seems that it was. He was distrustful because he forced him so quickly that he was the only one to sign after bankruptcy. (With recording tape)


A bankruptcy filing that was filed in secret, including the acting CEO of Alblast, the board of directors, and any of the shareholders.

Know this in advance and collude to change the name of an overseas patent. That act is just a planned crime.

After that, it took some time before I realized that those actions were completely forgery, exercise, and theft (fraud) of official documents.


From New York's most famous securities lawyer


"This clearly corresponds to forgery, exercise, and theft (fraud) of official documents. Promptly file a notification with the FBI before a major shareholder claims damages. 』\


To be honest, what happened until I was advised? It took me so long to recognize that.


That's how the reverse merger (listing) went smoothly and smoothly.

"It's hard not to be able to reverse merger. 』\

By the time the acting representative director of Alblast Co., Ltd. hurriedly sent a document to an overseas patent government (corresponding to the Japan Patent Office), the name change had already been completed.


The following is a document that Mr. I (Mr. I), acting CEO of Alblast, sent to the person in charge of the German patent government at that time.

It's a bit long, but I've already given it to the FBI as very important proof. I think you can understand the tense situation of Alblast USA at that time from this text. Please check the simple Japanese translation below the English sentence.



We have prepared the translated text first, so please check it in Japanese.

Finally, we have posted the original, so please check it.


This is a request document addressed to patent lawyer Peter.




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