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The US Securities and Exchange Commission (abbreviation: SEC)

A federal agency that oversees and monitors securities transactions such as stocks in the United States.



Our company ArBlast USA Inc. and FC BioScience Inc., a listed company in New York,

It was in New York's most famous and powerful Jewish lawyer that they entered into M & A negotiations.

It was around May 2011.


FC BioScience Inc. was a well-known company that treats burns and diabetic gangrene with human-derived biosheets.


Until FC BioScience Inc. succeeded in human-derived biosheets, the world was a mouse called the 3T3 line developed by Professor Green of Harvard University.

I was forced to use a biosheet of origin. (Many companies still use it to deceive patients.)


Therefore, the news that FC BioScience Inc. succeeded in developing a biosheet derived from humans and succeeded in developing treatments for burns and gangrene of diabetes made the world enthusiastic.


It seems that the investment amount was about 15 billion yen (currently around 18 billion yen).


If we did a reverse merger with such a listed company in the form of an M & A with Arblast USA Inc., we were expected to list a fairly large amount of money.

Therefore, we also waited for SEC's consent with excitement.


Many meetings with securities lawyers.

And the preparation of thick submission documents.

After that, although negotiations broke down many times, the document submission of M & A (reverse merger) to SEC was finally accepted.

It was December 15, 2011.


It was only 21 days after the decision to start bankruptcy filing was decided by Akira Kitagawa of Alblast.


After months of negotiations, I finally got the approval of the M & A (Reverse Merger).


Time spent and high costs.


And the listing that was supposed to be successful.


Everything is from Akira Kitagawa

"I can't do a reverse merger."

"James Ryan is trying to deceive Alblast."


Persecutory delusion? Or is it planned? The worst act of filing for bankruptcy in a state that can only be thought of as.


Stupid acts that have resulted in enormous damage and inconvenience to many people.


At least the investment companies that invested 15 billion yen should have lost everything.


At the same time, shareholders who invested in Alblast suffered significant damage.


Who does the company belong to?


It should belong to the shareholders.


It does not belong to one director.


As a result of a long exchange with SEC, our company ArBlast USA Inc. and FC BioScience Inc., a listed company in New York, finally submitted and accepted the final document of M & A (Reverse Merger) on December 15, 2011. There is a written document, so I will present it.


With this document of evidence, Akira Kitagawa, the courts and the bankruptcy trustee were slammed against us and our CEO, James Ryan.


"I have no intention or plan to do a reverse merger."

"I cheated."

"I'm trying to deceive."


I think it's time to overturn the fact that I have been slandered.



On the way, Chimaki Furusawa, who was a director of a company called Stem Cell Science Co., Ltd., in which Mr. Nishikawa and Mr. Niwa of RIKEN and the late Mr. Sasai were involved in the founding members, who are currently making noise with STAP cells ( A forgery trial filed by the Turkish name Ouz Memet) to meet this bankruptcy filing.


For more information on the trial,


Forgery trial


Please read.


For some reason, Furusawa's lawyer, Motohiro Kasahara, became a lawyer for all Kitagawa bankruptcy filings, an unusual development.


There is a happening that a blogger living in Kobe slanders our company and our CEO, showing the following transparent technique.


The Kobe Foundation auctions patents that had already been transferred to Alblast USA more than a year ago without permission from Alblast USA, which is similar to the name of the Advanced Promotion Foundation established for patients. Anomalous behavior that is not used.


At the same time, in Germany and the United States, the patents that lawyers Motohiro Kasahara and Zen Kitagawa hijacked by falsifying their identities and forging documents were unknowingly transferred to the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation in Kobe.


That is, a large-scale forgery trial aimed at a patent (a trial caused by Chimaki Furusawa), a forgery bankruptcy filing, and a patent that was hijacked by misrepresenting the identity (official text forgery fraud).

All of the reasons for these crimes are patent takeovers, and where are those patents now? Speaking of it, it is the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation. It's strange.


In fact, from the people involved in Shigeru Kinoshita and the people involved in Kobe,

"It seems that the remnants of Stem Cell Science, a foundation for the promotion of advanced medical care in Kobe, are planning to take over the patent and introduce the patent to the new company. I heard from Professor Kinoshita. 』\

I'm listening to the story. (There is a recording tape.)


However, despite all these accidents, in the end, we have succeeded in reverse merger.

That is, according to the transfer agreement, the patent is entitled to Alblast USA. It's a lifetime. (American lawyer theory)


With the death of Mr. Sasai, I feel that Port Island has become a world of Chimimoryō, but our CEO, James Ryan, is so unfamiliar in Kobe. Numerous miserable treatments and so-called trials received for pursuing the correction of wrong content against famous foundations and large organizations.


Then, just two days after pursuing the fraud of Stem Cell Science, KN's wife, who was the former CEO of Stem Cell Science, said, "I regret pursuing the fraud of my husband any more. "." And at the same time, an email sent by this wife to the new CEO, "James Ryan is a scammer."




Evidence of Reverse Merger

This page shows the M & A (reverse merger) of our company ArBlast USA Inc. and FortiCell BioScience Inc., a listed company in New York, submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (abbreviation: SEC). Our CEO James Ryan will post the application as important evidence of a successful reverse merger.

  • US Securities and Exchange Commission



These facts are also posted on the SEC website.


SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) Homepage of the US Securities and Exchange Commission

The following is the announcement of Arblast USA's Reverse Marger Witnesses on the SEC homepage.


Alblast could have made billions of profits if it had been a reverse merger.


Yet the court accepted the bankruptcy.


From this fact, you can understand how the trial brought by the Turkish national CF (Turkish name MO) was a forgery trial.


Click here to find out more about the fabrication trials filed by the Turkish national CF (Turkish name MO).







You can also check it on the SEC website, but some of the content posted on the SEC can be found.

We will post it for our honor and for the many people who have trusted us.


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