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Blackmail email sent from Kenzo Nakajima to the new CEO and blackmail phone call to me

At that time, the new representative who was blackmailed was told by Kenzo Nakajima, "I feel like I was blackmailed. The email that said.



From: K  Nakagima
Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2008 10:35 PM
To:'New representative'


The fact that it was Mr. G who introduced JIG to our company already knows the relationship with Kobe City, and it seems that it will develop into a credit problem for Mr. G. As you know, Kobe is also the center of regenerative medicine research in Japan, so depending on the future response of Professor G, (Kobe City) may also make the problem even bigger, so pay particular attention to it. I would like you to do it.



Kenzo Nakajima

Kenzo Nakajima, a former president of StemCell Science Co., Ltd., who had testified that Audit & Supervisory Board Member Nakahara at that time admitted the paper forgery fraud, wrote in an email sent to the new president and representative director about this paper forgery fraud. ,Kobe City? Was involved. There are several emails with unclear content.


The full text has already been handed over to an American lawyer and the FBI, but former CEO KN said, "Because I'm a hired president. ] And this Kobe city involvement? The common content is written in the email.


Perhaps it is Kenzo Nakajima's delusion, but for the time being, all the written content has been handed over to American officials as evidence.


If Kenzo Nakajima's emails and stories were true, was Kobe involved in the series of relationships? That's something I can't think of.


Of course, is Kobe's Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation also in Kobe? Maybe that means that?


If something goes wrong with me or my husband, all evidence, including Kenzo Nakajima's recording tape, will be made public by lawyers and supporters.


Unless I have a problem, I can't publish everything, but I'll post some as evidence.


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