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Former President of StemCell Science, Inc.

Former president SG, who was informed by an employee of the fact of the treatise forgery fraud,

Request document submitted to KN who caused the treatise forgery fraud




From: SG
Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2008 1:55 PM
Subject: Request form



We have listed the documents necessary for grasping the past situation of SCSKK.

I think it's better to raise it at the board of directors.


Every time I organize the documents, there are discrepancies.

The second joint research fund for CNRS is stated in the materials distributed by the board of directors for 50,000 euros (8,150,000 yen).

Mr. Nakahara's email states that the joint research has been withdrawn, and the second one is not included.




The following is a request document submitted to KN by the new president of SG.




Request form



Whether you're asking an auditing firm or considering an IPO, you'll have solid information on two of SCSKK's three major projects to date (Celogos and hMADS projects). You will need to have it, so please have the following documents ready as soon as possible. The remaining one is still in the in vitro study stage, so we decided that it would be okay to take it over for a while.


  • Minutes of Board Meeting from 1Q 2006

  • Presentation materials used at general meetings of shareholders, briefing sessions, requests for capital increases, etc. from 1Q 2006

  • Whether contracts, materials provided, exchanges, contract fees, etc. with Celogos have not been paid

  • Regular research report of research provided by Celogso

  • Materials on collaboration with universities and their cancellation

  • Documents prepared for clinical trials of skeletal myoblast transplantation

  • Consultation documents / responses to PMDA for skeletal myoblast transplantation

  • CPC facility 1) GMP: Standards i) Manufacturing hygiene control standards ii) Manufacturing control standards iii) Quality control standards iv) Product standards 2) GMP standard facility construction: Equipment validation, cleanliness maintenance and monitoring, etc. Documents 3) SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) 4)  Documents related to work management system: Progress of these systems and document maintenance

  • Documents that itemize the progress of the hMADS project over time (experimental results, exchanges, payments, information disclosure to shareholders including press releases, board meetings, explanations to VCs, etc.) )

  • hMADS project contracts, materials provided, exchanges (especially complaints about lack of reproducibility), unpaid contracts (documents clarifying which contracts are alive and which are canceled)

  • hMADS project scheduled research report

  • Letters and explanatory documents to shareholders regarding the cancellation of the hMADS project

  • Preparatory documents or plans for conducting clinical trials of hMADS in the United States in 2009

  • Materials related to sales rights of culticel medium

  • Contract documents for all stock options





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