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For us couples, the last seven years have been a nightmare.


For us, work is not so important.


As for me, my husband and I are so important that it doesn't hurt when my son puts it in his eyes.

Healing the son's body is the most important thing among us, and whether he originally entered the world of regenerative medicine or the world of carbon nanotubes and graphene, he wants to heal his son's body. It was from the bottom of my heart.


Therefore, in us, the life of our precious son is the first priority.


Therefore, life-threatening blackmail about his son was the greatest horror for us couples.


In July 2008, the homepage of a company called Hegieia, the American company of the owner, was hijacked by a third party, and it became a cartoon (animation) with horrifying content.

When it was changed, the whole body froze.


The hijacked homepage is

The mother goes to the hospital room of a child with a disability, and as soon as she leaves the hospital room, the child is decapitated and killed.

The homepage of the cartoon (manga) was changed to, and at the same time, << when you went to the hospital room, the switch was turned on. ≫ English meaning

It was written.


That is, if I go to the hospital room, my son is in danger. If that is the first time, maybe I ...


"What is this harassment? It looks like an idiot. 』\


I think he was laughing.


But in fact, I was Terrorized by American law on December 26, 2007, so I was blackmailed .

"Maybe they really may. 』\

There was a feeling of fear. (Some people may say, "I'm thinking too much about this feeling." But for me, the person involved, it's so cruel that my son doesn't really think he's a medical error. Anyone who becomes a plant human and finds a string mark on his neck in any way will feel that he is being blackmailed by fear.)


And the most frightening thing for me was that my son was doing such an act, and all the tapes of the evidence were transcribed and handed over, but the police didn't move. It was that. The police are not moving. It's not that scary. I don't think there is anything wrong with the police, but it was a huge fear for me.


What I was threatened with and my son's malpractice? Medical case? Whether or not it is related to is a violation of the Constitution, and even if the international court and the American judiciary investigate it in detail, the son certainly breathes without being told what is the cause. The function declined, and at one point it became a plant human state.


What's more, in response to his son's medical error and the pursuit of neck strap marks (which disappeared in a few hours), my acquaintance's doctor went into the hospital room, looked at his son, and


"This is miserable. I think this was quite painful. It is probable that this condition of red-eye redness and white film hanging occurred more than 12 hours ago. You won't get into this situation in a few hours. 』\


Until you tell me


"Yesterday, I had no problems and I was eating normally. I had epilepsy in the morning, but after covering it with a plastic bag, the epilepsy stopped completely. So there was nothing wrong with it after that. If something goes wrong, I think it's because my father is here. 』\


It was as if there was nothing wrong with December 28th. This doctor's words, which I would like to say, then came from the doctor's mouth.

≪Between 10 am and 12 am on the 28th, put a plastic bag on my son's head, before and after that? I had a problem with my son. ≫

However, the conversations of these doctors are also recorded.


It's a scary story.

Attempts to cover up the crimes committed by doctors throughout the hospital.

It's an unthinkable story.


In this way, the doctor changes the story one after another more than 30 times in conversation with the patient's mother, lie to the lie, and finally admit it, with a sense of ethics that does not apply to ordinary social common sense. I think that everyone will be shocked if they hear incomprehensible words and deeds that can only be thought of as being present. At the National Defense Medical College Hospital, the attending physician, doctor, wife, and nurse speak in a spoken language, so considering only the problems at this hospital, it may have been an act by these four people.


At the very least, knowing a crime and trying to hide that fact is still a crime.


Moreover, the medical chart was all rewritten.


While keeping an 11-year-old child in a state of more than plant humanity and less than brain death, he does not admit the crime, does not notice the content of the story that changes over and over again, and is proudly medical chart Will be tampered with. I didn't feel the morals and ethics that doctors and nurses usually have to do.

(Currently, a recording tape of conversation with a doctor is available on YouTube in English)









There is a fun criminal.

It is the name of a person who has a refracted spirit and commits a crime that makes people happy when they see them suffering or suffering.


≪A crime by such a person? May be considered. ≫

First, the American FBI said so.

I feel anomalous. I also said.


This time, we are collecting the signatures of the American people to ask for another investigation.


What happened to my son?


Why threaten me not to go to the hospital room?


Harassment and intimidation that is so relentless that it is incomprehensible without making a decision to be a pleasant criminal.

If not a fun criminal, who is behind the incident that has hit us since December 28, 2007?

The FBI seems to have an imagination, so I would like to wait for future developments.


He also consulted with the International Police about the possibility that medical professionals were included in those informants.

"I can even feel that the hard-working, kind, and serious image of the Japanese people up until now is breaking down. That's the case. 』\

Was told by the international police.


What will come out? Who will come out? I don't know, but now I want to leave all the cases to the International Police, the FBI and the International Court.



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