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Former management team President KN

To the new President and CEO SG

About treatise fabrication involvement and fraud

An email that acknowledges the involvement of RIKEN's stem cell research team







----- Original Message -----
From: KN
Sent: Tuesday, December 25, 2007 11:26 PM
To: SG
Subject: Re: Question


Mr. G

First of all, please clarify the opinion of Ryan et al. Whether the following email was created by G or actually.

(Actually, SG, the new CEO, discovered everything.

I couldn't download the attachment well, but in the first place, R & D, even if I try hard, it is only 1 / 10,000 that I can actually reach the application permission, even if Ryan and others do not know. The teacher should be familiar with it.

Regarding h-MADS, we proceeded while listening to the opinions of the top professors of RIKEN's stem cell research.




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