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From the new CEO SG

Former management email to former CEO KN





From: SG 
Sent: Tuesday, December 25, 2007 3:52 PM
To: KN
Cc: james; MIKI-JIG
Subject: Question


Mr. KN


This is a project with Celogos and Nice University, but both have extremely big questions.

We will send you two package inserts. Please check it.

Where we have to apologize to our shareholders, we must clarify and apologize.

Last night's board of directors was talking to Mr. G on the phone and recording.

Mr. Nakajima has also agreed to hold the meeting by fax in advance, so I think that the board of directors will be established.

In addition, both me and Mr. Nakahara have recorded everything, including all the proceedings and the telephone call with Mr. Nakajima.


It's a shame that we can't communicate with each other.

How can we lead SCSKK to a higher value company and return profits to our shareholders?

We hope that you will understand that we are thinking seriously and moving.











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