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SG new president for the old management team KN

Text of exchanges regarding treatise forgery fraud


A forgery trial filed by Chimaki Furusawa, a director of Stemcell Science Co., Ltd., who used the word "fraud" on the internet against me and my husband, and who caused the thesis fraud (the lawyer is also Motohiro Kasahara). All of them use the word "fraud", but it was this KN and his wife, YN of the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, who used the word first.


NK and directors of Stem Cell Science, as well as corporate auditors and advisors of RIKEN, knowing that the treatise was forged, 700 million yen? She commits an investment fraud that is said to be 300 million yen, and while knowing that her husband, KN, is committing a treatise fabrication fraud, she hides that fact from the Foundation for the Promotion of Advanced Medical Care, where she works, and Stem Cell Science. The company has been delinquent in rent for offices rented by the Foundation for the Promotion of Medical Care and three high-priced research institute facilities for nearly one year and six months, causing damage without claiming.


This story was famous among the regenerative medicine people in Kobe.


Isn't this touching the law?


Such a conflict of interest? Embezzlement? While doing a definite act that can be said to be, we put that fact on the shelf and call us victims fraudulent.


At that time, the owner was preparing to proceed with an M & A between Stem Cell Science and Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), a super-famous American company, but this treatise forgery fraud was discovered, and this story flowed. I did.


However, in February, when the husband called the Kobe police for criminal charges, the police said, "Will it be an incident? Taking the opportunity to say, we started to negotiate M & A with Advanced Cell Technology Co., Ltd. again with Bill, who was the president at that time. From the building


"We conducted due diligence on Stemcell Science's treatise fabrication, but since we are a listed company, it is still impossible to conduct M & A with a company that has clearly committed treatise fabrication fraud. 』\


After discussions between the owner and Bill, the owner's company, ELIXCELL Inc. After establishing a joint venture with ACT, it was proposed to list this joint venture and then conduct an M & A with Stem Cell Science.


However, it seemed that it would take more than a year for this proposal to be fulfilled, so the owner declined and instead contracted to introduce ACT's worldwide technology called Exalate to this joint venture. Was signed.


Although there is a document of evidence, ACT is a well-known listed company, so I have not asked ACT, so I can not disclose it yet, but I would like to disclose it on this HP soon.


To us


"I made him invest 10 million yen knowing that Stem Cell Science could not be listed. 』\


Chimaki Furusawa, a former director who filed a forgery trial that I don't understand, knows all this fact, of course.


As I knew, he was a director, and while his husband was talking about ACT and reverse merger, the old management team

It was suspended due to a treatise fabrication case committed by the regenerative medicine team of RIKEN, and the owner signed a contract with ACT to establish a joint venture company again. , I knew this Chimanki Furusawa.


It's a matter of course because I'm a director of Stem Cell Science.


He knew it all and wanted a stock so strongly.


Everyone knows the fact that they do ACT and M & A (reverse merger)

If so, it is natural to want stocks.


If it was a third party, it was a big M & A so that it became an insider.


However, he is not an insider because he was a director and it is natural to know.


However, after the M & A, even if you want to buy the stock, it will be very expensive, so I want to buy it as soon as possible.

It was Furusawa who was an employee of Nomura Securities.


It was also Furusawa who advised us that we should do an M & A with Stem Cell Science.

(There is a proof email.)


In this way, the facts of M & A with Stem Cell Science Co., Ltd.

Also, the circumstances of M & A with Stem Cell Science Co., Ltd.

Knowing completely, he, my husband and I,


"Stem Cell Science made an investment knowing that reverse mergers couldn't be done from the beginning. 』\


I held a forgery trial that forged the story.


Mr. Furusawa.

If the content of the trial you filed is true, then the master and the ACT at that time

The memorandum of understanding with Bill Caldwell, President and CEO, is

What was it?


After that, who blocked the M & A with Stem Cell Science in England, which was prepared by the master at the last chance, because he did not stamp the document for changing the representative seal?

All are Mr. Furusawa. You are.

(The non-disclosure agreement for starting M & A discussions with Stem Cell Science in England is posted as evidence.)


In the end, this story could not be changed because Chimaki Furusawa did not seal the document for changing the representative seal, and he could not submit a copy of the register that the master could be the representative director, and at the same time, at the same time. This story flowed because the company confidentiality agreement could not be stamped with a representative seal.


Click here for details on the fabrication trial that Chimaki Furusawa brought to us. Please confirm.







The story went awry with Furusawa,

This page was the page of the old management team KN and the new CEO SG.


Email from KN to SG


I think that SG teacher can understand. Even though he is acquainted with the teacher, it seems that Mr. and Mrs. Ryan have been scammed and threatened with regard to Mr. and Mrs. Ryan.


(This person is really a liar. When did I threaten you? When did you scam? Are you the ones who tried to forge treatises and other scams?)



SG teacher's answer to KN who said that I and my husband were fraudulent


SCSKK (What are the benefits to Mr. and Mrs. Ryan if they got Stem Cell Science?

There are no employees left, no technology, and we're just holding debt with accumulated overdue rents at the lab and headquarters.

Is holding debt a scam?

(We tried to list a company that had only debt left by doing ACT and M & A with the owner's connection. Why is that a fraud?)


There is a conversation like the one above in the email, but this KN is really rude.


Even if you don't get the lowest level companies like Stem Cell Science for thesis fraud, if you are a reverse merger with Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), you can stick any company at any time. A meaningful big reverse merger was possible.


I was deceived by this KN, and until the very end of the contract, I was not told about the treatise forgery fraud, and in the end I learned from the accusation of the research staff.


The real victims are me, my husband and SG teacher.


My husband lost his precious credibility in the United States for a while because he was involved in this Stem Cell Science company, but now he has a personality that is liked by anyone who is innocent in his own right.

We are building even greater credibility.

The only people who hate their husbands are bad guys like the hungry dead who nestle in the world of Chimimoryō.




Founder of Advanced Cell Technology

With Michael West and his husband

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