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Email I sent to Furusawa



He had Chimaki Furusawa sign a license agreement in a forgery trial he filed, even though I didn't have the technology for stem cell transplantation. I said.

But in reality, as in this email, I advised him to plan a tour for the patient early, but he himself couldn't plan the tour.


At first, Furusawa said he was confident in mediacal tourism because he worked for an airline company, but even if he actually signed a license agreement, he could just say it.

I was shocked by his situation where he couldn't recruit tourists at all.


Also, in this forged trial, "I didn't make a company in the United States. He lied openly, but as you can see in this email, he has set up a company. The simple question of whether a company has been set up can be quickly investigated by an American government? why? Does he make such a lie? And why was the shadow of the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation hidden behind it? It was a fabrication trial.




From: MIKI-JIG [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2007 4:03 AM
To: Biosecurity (Chimaki Furusawa)
Subject: Re: Company name: BioSecurity


Mr. Ouz


I was informed that the establishment of the company was completed in Delauair.



From today, you're the CEO of an American company.

Do your best to contribute to medical care around the world and help patients suffering from illness.


By the way, the prospect before and after November 20, does not have any planning the first patient of the tour's Ouzu?

Please think about it.



Ryan Miki






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