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About the Conflict of Interest Case between Yoshiko Nakajima and Kenzo Nakajima of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation

Kenzo Nakajima of Stemcell Science, directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Member Nakahara and advisors of RIKEN (Nishikawa, Sasai, Niwa), etc., knowing that the treatise was forged, 700 million yen? Yoshiko Nakajima, who committed an investment fraud that is said to be 300 million yen and was an employee of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, knows that her husband Kenzo Nakajima is committing a treatise fabrication fraud, and knows that fact himself. Hidden in the working advanced medical promotion foundation, the rent of the office rented by the advanced medical promotion foundation and the rent of three high-priced research institute facilities was delinquent for nearly one year and six months (I heard that it is about 30 million yen). .), I am inflicting damage without claiming.


This story is a famous story among regenerative medicine people in Kobe, and there was a call from NHK who was investigating Yoshiki Sasai who committed suicide on the stairs to the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation due to the stap cell problem. In Kobe, the conflict of interest between Yoshiko Nakajima and Kenzo Nakajima's rent delinquency was a well-known story. And usually, if the rent is delinquent for two months, it is natural to issue an evacuation order,


Isn't this touching the law?


Such a conflict of interest? Embezzlement? While doing a definite act that can be said to be, we put that fact on the shelf and call us victims fraudulent.

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