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About defamation
In the United States, the content of this site is not defamation at all.
This is because it corresponds to the following contents.
1. When there is proof or evidence that the disclosed information is true.
2. When the content of information disclosure is factual and at the same time related to public interests.
3. When the content of information disclosure is related to the public interest of a large number of people.

(2) Requirements for impunity

Even if it is a defamation act under Article 230, Paragraph 1, it will not be punished if the following three requirements are met (Article 230-2, Paragraph 1).

(1) The facts revealed were related to public interest (public nature of facts)
(2) The purpose of the indication was exclusively for the public interest (public interest of the purpose)
③ There was proof that the facts were true (proof of truth)
Excerpted from the Wiki.
In the case of defamation in Japan
In the case of American defamation
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