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M & A (reverse merger) plan with Advanced Cell Technology




The owners are Stem Cell Science and a super-famous American company.

M & A with Advanced Cell Technology (ACT)

Preparing to work with Bill Caldwell, then CEO of ACT

was doing.


However, this treatise forgery scam was discovered, and this story flowed for a while.


However, my husband, February too was a criminal complaint to the Kobe police, from lawyer

"For the time being, the charges to the police are below, so I did what I should do. It can be said. 』\

Taking the opportunity that the Kobe police did not move at all

Again, with Bill, who was then president of Advanced Cell Technology.

We have started M & A negotiations.


From the building

"Due diligence on the fabrication of Stem Cell Science treatises

I went there, but since we are a listed company, we clearly commit a treatise forgery scam.

M & A with the company that was doing it is impossible. 』\


Was refused.


ACT is a listed company.

There is no way we can do M & A with a company that was fraudulently forging treatises.

My husband is in trouble.

Then, the husband and building on the consultation, and ELIXCELL Inc., a company of husband

Established a joint venture at ACT, and then started this joint venture

Was proposed the idea of a stem cell science, Inc. and M & A were allowed to listed.


However, it seemed that it would take more than a year to fulfill this proposal, so

My husband refused.

However, I am sorry for the building that has been discussing so far. I feel like

Since we were there established a joint venture of prima facie ACT Instead,

The worldwide technology of ACT's technology called Exalate,

We have signed a contract to introduce it to this joint venture.


There is a document of evidence, but because ACT is a well-known listed company ,

I haven't asked ACT, so I can't disclose it yet, but in the near future,

We would like to disclose it on this website.






Document of evidence with ACT



With Geron of ES cells and Michael West, the founder of Advanced Cell Technology, and his husband

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