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Slandering on the net




What is the line between slander on the net and not?


Both I and my husband have been slandered with unprecedented content.

It is far from slanderous.


I have been subjected to acts that are unthinkable in common sense, such as taking over the homepage and changing to a murder notice.

My husband and others were even about to be killed twice. (The police have been notified.)


This time, for the first time, I realized for the first time who was doing such a big thing, like a mastermind.


Indeed, the other party was a large organization.


I won't write it here, but "Do you want to go this far?" I had the question many times, but by knowing the reality of this organization, murder, blackmail, fraud, and patent hijacking feel like a child's play that is nothing but love for this organization. There will be no such thing.


Being such a person, the slander against my husband and me is nothing.


Along with them, all of the net imprinting operation of slander that uses cognitive bias against the James Ryan (James Ryan) to know the truth, caused the F was the Stem Cell Science, Inc. Board of Directors that has been cause to leave no gratuitous Forgery trial.


Did their internet operation succeed? (Currently, a trial for damages of about 3 billion yen for defamation and obstruction of business power has started in the United States.)

Will their crimes really be ridiculous?


And why is Alblast's bankruptcy filing where the remnants of Stem Cell Science of Kobe's Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation can be seen and hidden? Delinquent rent for 3 laboratories and offices that are said not to be charged to Stem Cell Science. (Conflict of interest? Evidence)


Also, why? Alblast's forged bankruptcy filing was accepted just one month before SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) approved Alblast USA's listing (reverse merger) in the United States. (Kangaroo trial?)


why? The bankruptcy trustee, recognizing the Alblast USA reverse merger approval document posted on the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) homepage, said, " This listing is impossible. The SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) homepage is forged. Listing is a fraud. Did you decide?


Behind the scenes, a member of the Foundation for the Promotion of Advanced Medical Care over patents was wriggling.

This patent has already been renamed by Professor K and Lawyer K (the lawyer who filed for bankruptcy) from within the United States by forging and exercising official texts.


This fact has already been accused of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).


A number of treatise fabrications that are the key to solving questions about regenerative medicine in Japan.

An accusation of a habitual crime that wriggles in the regenerative medicine world that no one can talk about, even though everyone knows it.


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