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Stem Cell Science's Kenzo Nakajima's crime and Yoshiko Nakajima's 30 million yen conflict of interest case

​Although it is the homepage of Alblast USA, Alblast is provided by emails from all Kitagawa, conversations by Shigeru Kinoshita and Shigeru Kinoshita's agent S, and information from cooperating employees of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation. I learned that the cause of the company's bankruptcy was the plot of Yoshiko Nakajima of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation and several others. At the same time, the reason why Yoshiko Nakajima sees me and her husband as an enemy is that she holds the truth and evidence about the crime that Yoshiko Nakajima is likely to have committed and the thesis forgery fraud committed by Yoshiko Nakajima's husband, Kenzo Nakajima. I can't forgive you. I have heard from many people in Kobe that I am aware of this fact. (There is a recorded conversation tape.) Regarding the bankruptcy of Alblast, where did the patents end up after the bankruptcy? If you look for it, it is still owned by the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation. From numerous emails from all of Kitagawa, we also know that a person named Fukushima is involved in the patents of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation and Alblast. Once, I fully feel the need to send an open letter to the Foundation for the Promotion of Medical Care regarding this matter. At the same time, the involvement of these foundations and Yoshiko Nakajima is suspected in the state redress proceedings concerning the judgment of the Kobe District Court in the United States. All I'm saying is nothing but evidence. There is no speculation. You can understand this fact by examining the evidence posted on this website. The evidence posted on this homepage is only about 2% of the evidence I have in the United States. I haven't disclosed the most important evidence, as I've been told not to disclose it to American lawyers or the FBI. Please make sure you know who is right and who is doing the wrong thing behind the scenes.

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